S2:16 : Limit-Less (Feat. Christopher Lawe) Part 1

41m | Aug 29, 2022

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Episode Summary:

On this episode we sat down with Senior Branch Manager at Sagicor Jamaica and Leader at Holborn Spartan Christopher Lawe (LUTCF , FLMI, AIRC, ARA, ACS) and tackled the concept of breaking self-imposed limits and being tactful. 

He shared bits of his early life , and how his experiences lead him to becoming a leader in Insurance industry. 

We also spoke in depth about opportunities in Jamaica , its impact on the nation and the exodus of promising young talent/professionals across the board. You don’t want to miss this one,  airing live on Monday August 29, 2022 at 1pm on YouTube (click the link in our bio) and all podcast platforms .  

Stay Tuned for Part 2!!!

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