Millennials With A Mindset

Welcome to the Millennials With A Mindset Podcast, hosted by Myles Harris & Jaylon X. Myles is the powerful owner of The Millennial Holdings, a multi-venture company that specializes in taking young adults such as you, and molding them into the world’s next leaders and change makers. Jaylon is the world changing creator of New Era Music and an incredible lyricist that is pushing a positive and transcendent change in the content we consume in Hip Hop. On this podcast you’ll find wisdom, motivation, and guidance through real life experiences that you can apply to your everyday life. Myles and Jaylon have a vast network of intriguing, successful, and powerful young adults who will provide unique perspectives to build mental, spiritual, and financial wealth in your life! These lessons WILL push you into a place of fulfillment you have never experienced. Remember: Change Your Mind, Change Your Life!


Why Do Young Men Struggle In Relationships!?
Show Details32min 21s
Why Voting Will Not Save Black People
Show Details37min 31s
Pornography Has Destroyed Our Lives!
Show Details34min 39s
Meg Thee Stallion & Tory Lanez, Protecting Women, & Dating Standards in 2020
Show Details38min
Hoop Dreams!
Show Details26min 43s
How To Love Again, & New Era Music (Jaylon X PART ONE)
Show Details38min 26s
Marketing Your Dreams Through Challenges!
Show Details37min 27s
Adapting To Situations, Manhood, & Stereotypes In The Workplace
Show Details34min 35s
Leadership In A CRISIS!
Show Details28min 19s
Claiming Your Blackness, Ownership, & Love!
Show Details37min 5s