MGoFish Podcast with David Arnold

The MGoFish Podcast is a twice weekly breakdown of the latest storylines, recruiting trends, and important developments with Michigan Football, Basketball, the Big Ten, and College Athletics. John Navarre for Heisman, Trey Burke for President.


Michigan Preview: Defense - 2019 Edition
Show Details1hr 12min
Testing Don Brown's Theory of the Case: Can the 2019 defense be elite?
Show Details1hr 11min
Michigan Offense Previews and Predictions: Pick'em', Speed'em, & Space'em
Show Details1hr 11min
Football is Here! Impact Freshmen, Rising Returners, and Utilizing the Undersized Recruit
Show Details1hr 1min
Anthony Broome on Football, Rebuilding Contenders in Detroit
Show Details55min 21s
Michigan Football: Growing Up Down the Street from the Big House
Show Details1hr 2min
Same Core, Plus More
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We Are Back!
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