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Métis Speaker Series

Many people living in Canada are seeking a stronger understanding of Métis culture, traditions, and language - as well as how to truly achieve reconciliation. Darian Kovacs, a curious Métis business leader, father, and author, interviews Métis leaders, Elders, and knowledge carriers to reveal what it means to be Métis in today's world, and how they are building a stronger Métis Nation. Episode topics range in dealing with rebuilding and reconciliation, two-spirited champions, the Michif language, and more!


Reconciliation from a Métis Lens
Show Details44min 19s
Healing through Language Revitalization
Show Details42min 49s
Two-Spirited Champions
Show Details20min
Women & Gender Equity
Show Details24min 20s
Environment & Sustainability
Show Details25min 20s
Health and Wellbeing
Show Details21min 59s
Rebuilding through Leadership
Show Details26min 43s
Words from an Elder
Show Details33min 58s
Métis Speaker Series Trailer
Show Details1min 16s