• Healing Through Music - Arlette Alcock (Award-winning Métis Singer & Songwriter)

    In this episode of the Métis Speaker Series, we speak to Arlette Alcock, a Métis Folk Musician, Songwriter and Social Activist. As a member of the Cree Saulteaux Métis Nation, Arlette is a descendant of the Little Bear Cree First Nations and the Pine Creek Saulteaux. In the episode, she shares her experiences being raised by her mother, a residential school survivor, and the intergenerational trauma passed down through her family. Arlette speaks to losing her son to addiction and the way she uses music to share her Métis heritage.

    27m | Apr 17, 2023
  • Doing the Heart Work - Pixie Wells (FVMA President, Director Of Housing, and 2SLGBTQQIA+ Representative)

    In this episode of the Métis Speaker Series, we speak to Pixie Wells, the acting President of the Fraser Valley Métis Association as well as the 2SLGBTGGIA+peoples rep and health/housing director. Pixie uses her position to strengthen the Women and 2SLGBTQQIA+peoples voice of the Métis Nation. In the episode, she shares the importance of land and language acknowledgements, including the ways chartered communities can better connect with those from other communities and cultures.

    27m | Apr 10, 2023
  • Creating a Métis Community - Joy Bremner (Mid-Island Métis Nation President)

    In this episode of the Métis Speaker Series, we speak to Joy Bremner, leader of the Mid Island Métis Nation on Vancouver Island. Joy discusses the rewards and challenges of being a supporting pillar within a chartered community. She shares the importance of creating a cultural Métis community, including the work that it takes to build one. Joy believes that small healing steps can lead to bigger transformations.

    24m | Apr 3, 2023
  • Breaking the Cycle - June Graham (Alberni Clayoquot Métis Society President)

    In this episode of the Métis Speaker Series, we speak to June Graham about her family history within the residential school system and the repercussions it has had. June believes there has been a lack of Métis-specific perspective and discussion about the residential school experience story, including a lack of compensation and reconciliation. She discusses her experiences growing up in a family of residential school survivors, including the cycle of violence and alcoholism that has become prevalent through ongoing generations.

    25m | Mar 27, 2023
  • Reflecting With a Purpose - Gary Têtu (MNBC Citizen)

    In this episode of the Métis Speaker Series, we speak to Gary Têtu, a flute maker, musician, lodge keeper, chimney sweep, tradesman and more. Gary speaks to both his own experiences in a residential school, as well as his father's experiences, including how these events have shaped his adult life. Gary shares how these experiences have led him to become a Mental Health and Recovery Support worker, supporting others in their own journeys.

    37m | Mar 20, 2023
  • A Story of Residential School Healing - Arlene Vrtar-Huot (MNBC Citizen)

    In this episode of the Métis Speaker Series, we speak with Arlene Vrtar-Huot. Arlene is a former LPN, Social Worker and I/ED for a National Addictions Society in AB. She has delivered many Family Systems workshops. As a result, she has helped with residential school healing since 1991. She worked at Kelowna Metis Services in various capacities including Sashing ceremonies, Metis adoption and healing circles. She was Chair for Kelowna Metis Elders Advisory Council, Community Research Liaison and currently, Elder Advisor/Adjunct Professor for UBC Faculty of Medicine.

    32m | Mar 13, 2023
  • Stories of an Elder - Tom McCallum (Métis Elder and Storyteller)

    In this episode of the Métis Speaker Series, we speak to Métis Elder and storyteller, Tom McCallum. Born and raised in Île-à-la-Crosse, Saskatchewan, Tom shares his journey of spiritual discovery, including his time spent at a boarding (residential) school as a young boy. The episode discusses the meanings, and significance behind ceremonies and symbols in Métis culture. Tom shares what reconciliation and healing means to him and how it can look to other people.

    45m | Mar 6, 2023
  • For Those Who Didn't Come Home - Linda McCullough (Métis Artist)

    In this episode of the Métis Speaker Series, Linda McCullough recounts her previous life experiences attending a residential school in Cree Lake, Saskatchewan. Attending the Timber Bay School from the age of seven, Linda recalls being taken from her family suddenly and without warning. The episode follows her life at the school, including the various forms of abuse and trauma that occurred as a result. Linda speaks about the way she has embraced her indigenous heritage through beadwork art.

    35m | Feb 27, 2023
  • Métis Speaker Series - Season 3 Trailer

    Join us for Season 3 of the Métis Speaker series Podcast, presented by Telus! The first episode launches on February 27 on all major podcast streaming platforms.

    0m | Feb 13, 2023
  • The Squeaky Wheel - Lawrence Gervais (Regional President - Métis Nation of Alberta)

    In this episode of the Métis Speaker Series, we speak to the regional president of the Métis Nation of Alberta, Lawrence Gervais. This discussion looks at the ways we can help amplify Métis' voices and awareness. Lawrence shares his perspective on what the role of leadership should look like within the Métis Nation and how this role can help in the economic advancement of Métis people.

    27m | Oct 24, 2022
  • Longing to Belong - Charlie Kerr (Métis Singer / Actor / Writer - lead singer for Hotel Mira)

    In this episode of our Métis Speaker Series, Charlie Kerr shares his experience working in the entertainment industry as a member of the Métis community. He also shares his personal experience working directly within his own community of Métis people. As a singer, actor, and writer, Charlie has a great deal of experience within the industry. He shares his thoughts on Métis visibility in the entertainment industry, where Métis people have been largely invisible in the past.

    33m | Oct 17, 2022
  • Poetic Reconciliation - Justene Dion-Glowa (Poet, personal healing story)

    Where does Justene Dion-Glowa find her inspiration for poetry? That’s what we discuss in this episode of the Métis Speaker Series. Justene writes poetry connected to her identity as a Métis person. She shares some of her work from a recent manuscript and dives into her poetic inspiration. Her story is one of personal growth and healing, interpreted through poetry.

    29m | Oct 10, 2022
  • Child Welfare and the Justice System - Peter Lang (CMA Community President)

    In this episode of our Métis Speaker Series, we discuss the child welfare and justice system with Peter Lang, CMA Community President. Peter has had his own unfortunate experience with the system in connection to his late son, Nick. The interview looks at the ways that the Métis Nation can support those who share a story similar to Nick’s. Having been failed by the justice system, Peter shares his advice with other parents.

    41m | Oct 3, 2022
  • Environmental Protection - Kaija Heitland (Métis Citizen)

    For this episode in our Métis Speaker Series, we talk about environmental protection with Kaija Heitland, a citizen of the Métis Nation of British Columbia. Kaija teaches traditional land-based arts, where she incorporates art as a method of self-reclamation and community bonding. To better understand the unique relationship that Métis people have with the land, Kaija shares her perspective on ways to build better relationships. Her story is one of community, land preservation, and understanding.

    46m | Sep 26, 2022
  • Big Brother Terry and a Big Discovery - Darrell Fox (Senior Advisor, The Terry Fox Research Institute)

    In this episode of our Métis Speaker Series, we speak to Darrell Fox, the younger brother of Terry Fox and senior advisor of the Terry Fox Institute. Darrell shares the story behind the discovery of the Fox family's Métis lineage and the impact that this discovery had on the Foundation. During the conversation, Darrell reflects on the role that Mary Ann Gladue, Betty Fox’s mom, played in his and Terry’s upbringing. He discusses how the Métis core values correlate to the values Terry embraced during his Marathon of Hope.

    29m | Sep 19, 2022
  • Stories of Scrip - Wayne Wapeemukwa (Métis Citizen)

    For this episode of our Métis Speaker Series, Darian speaks to Wayne Wapeemukwa, a Métis Citizen, filmmaker and philosopher. Throughout his life, Wayne has done extensive research on the various ways the 19th-century dispossession afflicted Métis women and how new, colonially-modern discourses of property, race, and gender turned the "plains into private property." This episode covers the extent of his research, the complex learnings, and the outcomes for the Canadian Métis community. 

    31m | Sep 12, 2022
  • Rebuilding Through Leadership - Cassidy Caron (Métis National Council President)

    To kick off season two, we asked Métis National Council President, Cassidy Caron, a very important question - what has Leadership meant to you? President Caron shares how her current role has changed her own meaning of leadership and the ways youth can find leadership positions. This interview offers an insightful look into the role of the Métis National Council President, as well as the importance of strategic alliances and partnerships for the Métis people.

    1h 3m | Sep 6, 2022
  • Season 2 Trailer

    Our first episode of Season 2 will be launching on September 6th, with new episodes dropping weekly every Monday. 

    On this podcast we are creating awareness of, and generating discussions about, Métis issues. We will be exploring learning, healing, and rebuilding within the Métis community - including, but not limited to, discussions about land preservation, Métis roles in our society, and what the future of Métis looks like in Canada. 

    Listen to the Métis Speaker Series starting September 6th on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you listen to your podcasts. 

    To learn more about the podcast, and signup to the Métis Nation of BC newsletter to stay up to date on Métis news, visit metispodcastseries.ca

    0m | Aug 22, 2022
  • Reconciliation from a Métis Lens

    In this final episode of our Métis Speaker Series, we sit down with Métis Citizen, Lauren Petersen to look at the process of reconciliation through the Métis lens. This chat discusses the question, how do we reconcile with ourselves? Lauren looks at the process of reconciliation with those who have caused us harm. She discusses how building relationships with First Nations is an important piece of Reconciliation.

    44m | Mar 14, 2022
  • Healing through Language Revitalization

    For this episode of our Métis Speaker Series, we chat with Michif Language Learner, Amy Cross, and Métis Elder and Michif Language Teacher, Marie Schoenthal. The two women share knowledge regarding the diversity of indigenous languages in Métis communities. They speak to the imperfectness of practicing and reclaiming language, and how this practice can contribute to the healing process. From the perspective of an elder and a learner, these women provide a unique understanding of language and their own michif learnings. Michif learnings are inspirational sayings and words of gratitude that speak to you.

    42m | Mar 7, 2022
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