Messages from The Assembly Florence

Messages from The Assembly is a compilation of Messages from The Assembly in Florence, SC. Please visit our website at


When the Church Climbs out of a Hole The Enemy Panics
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Blinded By our Faults
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My Faith Is Set
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Missionary Update from Kevin and Elaine Ross
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2 Timothy 4:7
Show Details25min 30s
Communion With God
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Satan! You Won't Steal My Worship! Pt. 2
Show Details48min 37s
Satan! You Won't Steal My Worship!
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Revelation 3:10~P. Ron Denham
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Revelation 3:16-19. P. Ron Denham
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The Great Beyond-Missionary Dale Eytzen
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Road Blocks Will Always Be There...So What?
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I Have Access
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Ressurection Live Beyond the Cross 4/21/19
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P. Ron Denham 6/30/19
Show Details53min 54s
The 7 Profound Benefits of Waiting in Worship.
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