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MORE COMICS THAN A MOTHERF**KER is a podcast where one man tries to make comic books more accessible by way of making his friends read some of the most iconic stories from DC, Marvel and others.


029: Carnage
Show Details1hr 39min
028: The Vault
Show Details1hr 41min
027: Born Again
Show Details3hr 28min
026: Switcheroo
Show Details1hr 25min
025: For The Man Who Has Everything
Show Details2hr 10min
024: Mekanix
Show Details2hr 32min
023: A Death In The Family
Show Details2hr 31min
022: Terror of Trigon
Show Details3hr 11min
021: Quiver
Show Details3hr 39min
020: Superfriends
Show Details1hr 27min
019: Childhood's End
Show Details3hr 19min
018: Sins of the Future
Show Details1hr 55min
017: Second Genesis
Show Details1hr 36min
016: Immortal Iron Fist
Show Details2hr 26min
015: "Juicy Crones" (Sex Criminals Volume 5)
Show Details1hr 44min
014: All-Star Batman and Robin, The Boy Wonder
Show Details3hr 50min
013: Spider-Man: Blue
Show Details2hr 31min
012: Find Your Way Home
Show Details2hr 33min
011: The Children's Crusade
Show Details3hr 45min
010: Rebirth of the Cool
Show Details2hr 9min
009: Nova Origin
Show Details1hr 39min
008: Mortal Kombat X
Show Details2hr 10min
007: Batgirl Rising
Show Details4hr 12min
006: Punisher MAX
Show Details1hr 21min
005: Schism
Show Details2hr 15min
004: Avengers vs X-Men
Show Details3hr 13min
003: Back in Black
Show Details2hr 49min
002: Red Hood and the Outlaws (New 52)
Show Details3hr 29min
001: The Judas Contract
Show Details2hr 1min