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Life sometimes doesn’t make sense. Follow blogger Matt Lauman’s blunt, honest, and critical hot takes. Each season follows one theme. Each episode is entertaining and short. Tune in Wednesdays anywhere and everywhere you get your podcasts.


The Blind Side
Show Details8min 31s
Apocalypse Now
Show Details9min 44s
New Name, New Format, New Season...
Show Details1min 10s
Watchmen Is The Best TV Show of 2019
Show Details10min 5s
NFL October Recap
Show Details13min 35s
Can the Clippers Takeover LA?
Show Details9min 51s
NBA-China Controversy Is A Hypocrisy
Show Details10min 27s
The Fear of Having Kids
Show Details12min 10s
NFL September Recap
Show Details18min 49s
The Emmys Are Failing
Show Details12min 47s
Is The Hype "Beyond Impossible"
Show Details10min 32s
Antonio Brown Hijacked The NFL's 100th Season
Show Details13min 31s
Guns Rule America
Show Details10min 48s
A Tale of Two Lucks
Show Details13min 6s
It's a Clueless World
Show Details12min 7s
The Streaming Wars
Show Details11min 11s
Football Is Back
Show Details14min 18s
Upgrading Your Smartphone Is Not So Smart
Show Details12min 36s
Zion is a Billion-Dollar Bust in the Making
Show Details13min
The World Needs A Female James Bond
Show Details13min
The NBA is Now America's Favorite Sport
Show Details12min 18s
Why Trump Will Get Reelected
Show Details14min 23s
Why I Stopped Chasing Podcast Perfection
Show Details12min 33s
Is College Worth It?
Show Details14min 20s