Authentic Alex - Alexandra Galviz

Season 5 | Episode 21
16m | Nov 12, 2020

Interview with Alexandra Galviz

At the age of 24 Alexandra found myself employed as the Head of Training and Development for a Foreign Exchange Company in The City. After experiencing her very own quarter-life crisis, she decided to leave the corporate world and create my own definition of success. On the day she left that job she wrote a post that went viral on LinkedIn.


Since then she’s been named LinkedIn Top Voice UK twice and has become an official LinkedIn Learning Instructor. She’s best known for blogging under the hashtag #AuhtenticAlex where she smashes one stigma at a time. She’s also the co-creator of #LinkedInLocal, the biggest hashtag campaign on LinkedIn that created an offline community and scaled it in over 100 countries and 1,000 cities.


She now help individuals and businesses grow their presence on LinkedIn, helping them find their sense of purpose and tell their own stories. By doing that herself she’s attracted work from brands such as Shell, Deloitte, Dyson, Microsoft, BP, Institute of Directors and Fiverr all through the power of building her Personal brand and Thought Leadership on LinkedIn.

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