Katharine Rose - Your Sales Partners

Season 5 | Episode 22
17m | Nov 13, 2020

Interview with Katharine Rose

Your Sales Partners Ltd – A Podcast on why it’s more important than ever to stay in direct 1:1 phone contact with your customers and your prospects in this new ‘remote reality’, with tips on how to build your own call script, sales process and strategy.


With a phone call, you only get one chance to create the best impression and lay the foundations of your future business relationship.


If you aren’t calling them, then your competitors will be.


If you are customer facing, in sales, or using the phone in any way for business then being comfortable and confident with taking and making calls is essential. But knowing how to use tone, actively listen, question, use empathy, spot and manage timewasters, get past gatekeepers, handle objections and close are not skills all of us have and even the best of us get rusty or stuck in a rut.


Your Sales Partners was set up this year by Katharine Rose and Samantha Lakin as the training and consultancy arm of their B2B telemarketing businesses having originally started working together on various lead generation projects since 2009.


Katharine began her telemarketing consultancy Telemarketing4business in 2007 and in 2015 it became Ahead4business Ltd which better reflected the range of work she was doing with clients This included training their staff to have more confidence on the phone, get better sales results and adopt sales processes that build their sales funnels, as well as providing lead generation and telemarketing support.


Katharine and Samantha have a combined experience of over 50 years between them working across a range of sectors including recruitment, technology, life sciences, manufacturing, commercial, IT and creative, with businesses large and small. New start-ups to expanding sales, customer service and recruitment teams have benefited from their first-hand experience in the field and their natural empathy, warm approach and delivery.


Your Sales Training

They have written and developed a series of specialist Sales, Phone Skills, Customer Service & Recruitment Training (The Happy Recruiter) modules that can be formed into bespoke workshops. These are designed for the complete novice through to the experienced professional to help them keep customers happy, close and consistently generate more new business leads over the phone, remotely and face to face.


Your Sales Starter Kit

This is a complete ‘sales process in a box’ that works brilliantly alongside the training modules or as a standalone sales system that can grow with your business.

Tried, tested, proven processes and templates that, by following the instruction video clips as you download each one, can be adapted to your own business and enable you to build your own sales process. The kit includes:

  • Your Cold Call Script & Your Softer Call Script
  • Your Sample Open Questions, Your Sample Objections & Your Closing Techniques
  • Your Proactive & Reactive Emails
  • Your LinkedIn Connect messages
  • Your KPI and Weekly Report
  • Your Sample Database & Qualification Process



Evidence and feedback strongly demonstrate that having a weekly short 1:1 tele-coaching call alongside and after the training significantly improves the overall results and ongoing outcomes for the trainees. Increased phone confidence leads to more consistent lead generation, more retained customers, more closed sales and overall higher job satisfaction and sales.


If you recognise that you and/or your team are not using the phone to its full potential to keep your customers close and your sales funnel full, then it’s time to get in touch.


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