Finola Sloyan - SloyanPR

Season 6 | Episode 21
18m | Dec 16, 2020

Interview with Finola Sloyan

I set up SloyanPR in 2015 and work with sales’ teams, C-suite and global solution providers of technology to maximise visibility and relevance of their brand (individual and company) to the end customer. I believe that PR builds credibility and validation of a brand, and of the people in front of it. Mediums used to relay information are, in the main, articles, blogs, media releases, video interviews, LinkedIn profiles, social messaging.

People buy brand names they know and trust and it’s important (truthful and sincere) messaging makes a prospect feel there are:

1. functional benefits (it will do the job),

2. there is a psychic value (we see something of ourselves in the product or salesperson)

3. Investment value – it must be a good investment.

Employee advocacy of a brand is another very effective way of communicating a company’s culture and expertise through the voices of key personnel. It’s authentic and people respond to people more readily than with a brand. Having your employees speak for your brand is very powerful.

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