John Ryder - Lifestyle Choices

Season 6 | Episode 4
18m | Nov 17, 2020

Interview with John Ryder

Lifestyle Choices also known as LSC is an award winning a social start up, small charity organisation founded by myself John Ryder.

We have been Winners of Nest Stand Out Participant Enterprise Showcase Portsmouth. University Award 2018.Nominee for start-up of the year award 2019.Nominee for entrepreneurial spirit award 2019.Winner of the Southcoast University Dynamo challenge 2019.Runner up Santander Student funding award 2019.Dedicated civic impact award winner Portsmouth university 2020 .We also have a numerous amount of volunteers and champions .

Our aim is to help, support and assist agencies and their service users and in general members of the numerous communities across Portsmouth and Hampshire and anywhere in general with any life issues that they may come across.

Our ethos is to offer professional and friendly advice guidance and signposting regarding those wanting to better their life choices LSC Lifestyle choices is a small non-profit charity I started whilst at university in Portsmouth studying a degree in criminal justice and criminology , we have been running now since ,2017 in that time we have manged to help many people from all across the social spectrum, in issues ranging from domestic violence , debt support ,legal signposting , civil court and family court support and signposting ,career empowerment , employment tribunal support and guidance, confidence building, bailiff issues ,policy and procedure business ideas alcohol and drug awareness issues , mental health and much more ,

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