Richard Woods - The Million Dollar Sprint Facebook Group

Season 6 | Episode 12
17m | Nov 26, 2020

Interview with Richard Woods

Introducing The Million Dollar Sprint Facebook Group…


We want to challenge you to stretch in 2021 beyond getting leads. To stretch in all six of the important areas of your business for scale. We want to challenge you to Sprint to a Million Dollars!


Our community have said that its one of the most inspiring groups to be part of, with value bombs flying thick and fast!


Every week we share:

- Exclusive training on how to scale your service business to 7 figures and beyond

- Marketing, Sales and Service Delivery tools, software and methodologies that will jump start your growth and save you a ton of time

- Answers to a variety of questions all about how build a sustainable scaled business.


It’s totally free to join if you’re a service business owner.


To join the Million Dollar Sprint Facebook group CLICK HERE:


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