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Mass Effect Lorecast: Video Game Lore, News & More

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91: N7 Day Secrets Revealed
Show Details50min 21s
90: The Pro-Kaidan Perspective
Show Details1hr 4min
89: The Mark Meer Interview - N7 Day 2022
Show Details41min 46s
88: Biotics vs Tech vs Weapons | Oct, 2022 Patron Chat
Show Details55min 30s
87: Kaiden Alenko, Mass Effect's Paladin
Show Details51min 57s
86: Biotics: EVERYTHING You Never Knew
Show Details54min 48s
85: Insane Role Changes | Sept, 2022 Patron Chat
Show Details51min 56s
84: Insights From a Brilliant Modder
Show Details1hr 21min
83: Even MORE Survey Results!
Show Details54min 14s
82: Your NEW Survey Answers
Show Details51min 46s
81: 3 New Lore Accurate Mods You Must Try
Show Details57min 57s
80: Team Kaiden vs Team Ashley | Aug, 2022 Patron Chat
Show Details1hr 7min
79: The Redemption of Ashley Williams
Show Details1hr 31min
78: Ashley William's Story
Show Details56min 51s
77: Rare Weapon Technology
Show Details35min 20s
76: Mass Effect 5's Villain | Patron Chat July, 2022
Show Details58min 7s
75: Gun Technology Explained
Show Details39min 7s
74: EDI & The Morality of AI
Show Details40min 33s
73: EDI's Origin Story
Show Details50min 9s
72: The Normandy SR2 in Mass Effect 3
Show Details39min 24s
71: Mass Effect 5 Needs THIS | Patron Chat June, 2022
Show Details1hr 21min
70: The Normandy SR2 in Mass Effect 2
Show Details49min 16s
69: The Tragic Story of Joker's Family
Show Details35min 3s
68: Joker's Story
Show Details46min 7s
67: The Normandy before Anderson
Show Details30min 53s
66: The Normandy SR1
Show Details45min 40s
65: Marry, Kill, well you know...
Show Details1hr 14min
64: Romancing Hackett??
Show Details33min 20s
63: Shepard & Hackett's 'Special' Relationship
Show Details47min 51s
62: Did Bioware Just Leak Info About Shepard's Fate?
Show Details31min 42s
61: Admiral Steven Hackett
Show Details47min 41s
60: Mass Effect Survey Results
Show Details1hr 21min
59: Mass Effect Spin-off Game Concepts | April, 2022 Patron Chat
Show Details1hr 16min
58: Shepard's Psychology
Show Details56min 14s
57: Shepard's Origin(s)
Show Details1hr 7min
56: David Anderson Part 2: The Galaxy's Best Dad
Show Details46min 21s
55: David Anderson: The OG Badass
Show Details52min 49s
54: The BEST Mass Effect "Head Canon" | March, 2022 Patron Chat
Show Details1hr 19min
53: Udina Part 2 - A Character Study
Show Details49min 59s
52: Donnel Udina - Was he really THAT bad?
Show Details58min 22s
51: The Powers of the Citadel Council
Show Details1hr 1min
50: The History of the Citadel Council
Show Details52min 1s
49: Factions: Sloane Kelly’s Outcasts & Reyes Vidal’s Collective
Show Details47min 55s
48: Factions: The Initiative's Exiles
Show Details46min 47s
47: The WORST Plot Holes | Feb, 2022 Patron Chat
Show Details1hr 43min
46: Factions: The Roekaar - Angaran Extremism
Show Details53min 16s
45: Factions: The Angara Resistance
Show Details42min 11s
44: The Andromeda Initiative's Dark Secrets
Show Details1hr 29min
43: Asari Justicar & Commandos Lore
Show Details1hr 14min
42: Casting the Perfect Mass Effect TV Series
Show Details1hr 17min
41: Behind The Music of Mass Effect
Show Details2hr 13min
40: Spectre Lore
Show Details1hr 14min
39: Factions: The Special Tasks Group & League of One
Show Details1hr 9min
38: Our Personal Mass Effect Stories - Patron Chat Dec 2021
Show Details1hr 35min
37: Factions: C-Sec
Show Details1hr 8min
36: Factions: The Blood Pack
Show Details56min 33s
35: Massive Mass Effect Trivia Patron Night Nov, 2021
Show Details1hr 42min
34: Factions: Eclipse
Show Details54min 52s
33: Factions: The Blue Suns
Show Details1hr 8min
32: N7 Day Special: Mark Meer Answers a Question & the N7 Program
Show Details47min 2s
31: Favorite Loyalty Missions - Patron Chat Oct 2021
Show Details1hr 11min
30: Best LE Mods & Best Loyalty Missions Patron Chat Part 1
Show Details1hr 14min
29: Factions: The Shadow Broker
Show Details1hr 7min
28: Factions: Cerberus - The Deep Lore
Show Details1hr 6min
27: Factions: Cerberus - Origins
Show Details1hr 4min
26: Lore Quiz Show - Patron Chat Sept 2021
Show Details1hr 20min
25: The Alliance: Military & Politics
Show Details48min 50s
24: Factions: The Alliance
Show Details55min 58s
23: The Reapers
Show Details1hr 16min
22: How SHOULD Have Mass Effect Ended? August 2021 Patron Chat
Show Details1hr 5min
21: The Angara & The Kett
Show Details1hr 19min
20: The Vorcha & The Yahg
Show Details1hr 6min
19: The Krogan
Show Details1hr 11min
18: The Quarians
Show Details42min 47s
17: The Great Ending Debate (Patron Chat)
Show Details1hr 23min
16: The Hanar & The Drell
Show Details1hr 10min
15: The Elcor
Show Details1hr 11min
14: Which Race Would You Be? (Monthly Patron Chat)
Show Details1hr 9min
Show Details1hr 20min
12: The Volus
Show Details1hr 16min
11: The Turians
Show Details1hr 30min
10: Community Thoughts on Legendary Edition (1st Monthly Patron Chat!)
Show Details1hr 20min
09: The Salarians
Show Details1hr 14min
08: Mass Effect Legendary Edition First Impressions
Show Details1hr 10min
07: The Asari Lore
Show Details1hr 7min
06: The Protheans
Show Details1hr 16min
05: The Creation of the Geth & The Geth War
Show Details59min 55s
04: The Krogan Problem & The Genophage "Solution"
Show Details57min 43s
03: The Rachni War & The Krogan "Solution"
Show Details1hr 2min
02: The First Contact War
Show Details1hr 12min
01: Is Shepard Alive? + Teaser Trailer Hidden Details
Show Details1hr 12min