MM #209: Future of AI, Robinhood's Plan To Change Finance, Politics, & Next-Level Stock Trading ft Vlad Tenev

1h 51m | May 21, 2024

Welcome back to Market Mondays! In this episode, we dive into some hot topics and timely discussions:

1. **Chat GPT 40 Demonstration**: What do you think of the recent Chat GPT 40 demo? How innovative is this update for the company?

2. **Dow Hits Record High**: The Dow closed above $40,000, marking a five-week win streak. What are your top 5 favorite companies in the Dow for starting a new portfolio?

3. **Warren Buffett's Portfolio**: With Warren Buffett being a net seller of Apple stock, which companies in his top 10 holdings do you like the most? (Apple, Bank of America, American Express, Coca-Cola, Chevron, Oxy, Kraft Heinz, Moody’s, Chubb, Davita)

4. **China and the EV Market**: Do you believe China will ultimately lead the EV space?

5. **Netflix's NFL Games**: Netflix announced two NFL games on Christmas. If you had to go long on two companies and short two for the next few years, which would they be?

6. **Our DC Trip**: Insights and lessons learned from our recent trip to Washington, D.C.

7. **Futures Trading Tip**: What's your futures trading tip of the week?

8. **Research Tools**: What are your three favorite research tools to gain an edge in the market?

9. **Gold Prices**: With gold at a record high, what's a good price to buy in?

10. **Option Trade of the Month**: What option trade do you like for this month?

We also have a special interview with Vlad Tenev, where we discuss:

- Robinhood's recent Q1 earnings report

- Record net deposits and asset inflows

- The Robinhood Gold Card and its unique features

- Growth in Robinhood Retirement

- Strategies for expanding product offerings

- Robinhood's vision for financial autonomy and customer engagement

- Focus on the active trader market and increasing wallet share

- International expansion plans

- Evolution of Robinhood's role in the crypto trading space

Don't miss this insightful discussion!

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