Vice President Kamala Harris Discusses Economic Opportunities and Historic Inequities

11m | May 24, 2024

In this enlightening clip of EYL, hosts Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings engage Vice President Kamala Harris in a deep dive into the current administration's efforts to foster economic opportunities for all, particularly focusing on communities of color. VP Harris discusses several pivotal issues, starting with the economic opportunity tour initiated from her interactions with entrepreneurs at the White House, aimed at amplifying awareness about available resources.

The Vice President highlights the administration's success in reducing Black unemployment to historic lows and discusses their broader agenda to not just create jobs but also to enhance opportunities for wealth generation across communities. She acknowledges the guidance and influence of Ambassador Andy Young and emphasizes the combined focus on civil rights and economic agenda to achieve true equality.

Further delving into historical disparities, VP Harris addresses systemic issues like redlining, biased home appraisals, and the inequitable implementation of the GI Bill benefits among Black veterans. She also outlines concerted efforts towards improving access to capital through initiatives like the Economic Opportunity Coalition and adjustments to policies affecting student loans and medical debt, aiming to lessen economic burdens and promote fairness.

Troy Millings steers the conversation towards the role of urban renewal policies and their detrimental effects on communities of color, to which VP Harris responds with insights into how the administration's infrastructure bill aims to mend such historical fractures, citing specific plans for Atlanta’s infrastructural rejuvenation that seeks to reconnect communities and boost local economies.

Join us on this informative journey that not only sheds light on government initiatives but also ignites hope for equitable economic futures.


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