How Can The United States Treasury Department Help Close The Racial Wealth Gap

19m | Jun 5, 2024

Welcome to a special clip of Market Mondays, featuring an insightful discussion straight from Washington, DC. Joining us are two distinguished guests: Representative Lauren Underwood of Illinois' 14th district and the Deputy Secretary of the United States Treasury, Wally Adeyemo.

*Key Highlights:*

*1. Access to Capital for Black Entrepreneurs:*

Rashad Bilal kicks off the conversation by exploring access to capital through community lenders. Learn about the $9 billion approved under Vice President's leadership to support community development financial institutions and black-owned banks. Discover how this initiative has led to the doubling of black-owned small businesses in America over the past three years.

*2. Semiconductor and Science Act:*

Troy Millings delves into the significance of semiconductors and America's leadership in this space. The pandemic demonstrated the critical need for domestic production of chips, necessary for everything from cars to iPads. Wally Adeyemo discusses the importance of the Semiconductor and Science Act in ensuring the U.S. maintains a leading role while creating jobs in underserved communities.

*3. Addressing Economic Inequities:*

Ian Dunlap asks about the Treasury's role in addressing economic inequalities. Adeyemo emphasizes the importance of investing in communities with potential but historically lacked opportunities. Discover how efforts to support black and Latino small businesses contribute to the broader growth of the U.S. economy.

*4. Inflation Reduction Act:*

Inflation has been a significant challenge for Americans. Wally Adeyemo explains the Inflation Reduction Act, which aims to cut everyday costs, from energy bills to prescription drugs. Learn about tax incentives for energy-efficient upgrades and how the cap on insulin costs is setting a precedent for reducing healthcare expenses nationwide.

*5. Affordable Homeownership:*

Homeownership is a critical path to wealth creation, particularly in black and Latino communities. Adeyemo outlines incentives for down payment assistance, zoning law changes, and support for first-time homebuyers to make homeownership more accessible.

*6. Personal Journeys:*

Discover the inspiring journeys of our guests. Wally Adeyemo, the first black American in his role, shares how his parents' commitment to public service influenced his career path. Representative Lauren Underwood, the youngest black woman elected to Congress, reveals how tackling healthcare inequities led her to Congress and her ongoing efforts to make America work for everyone.

*7. The Role of the U.S. Treasury:*

Understand the multifaceted role of the Treasury Department beyond printing money. Adeyemo explains how they work to grow the U.S. economy, support small businesses, and enhance IRS services, making tax filing easier and more cost-effective for Americans.

*8. Bridging Gaps for Millennials and African Americans:*

Rep. Underwood highlights the importance of access to information and resources, ensuring programs reach those who need them most. She emphasizes the need for millennials and African Americans to recognize and utilize the opportunities available, encouraging active participation in shaping a fairer, more inclusive economy.

This episode is packed with valuable insights on financial inequities and the steps being taken to address them. Whether you're an entrepreneur, a policymaker, or simply interested in economic justice, there's something here for everyone.

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