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Marketing News Canada

Canada's #1 show about all things marketing, advertising & communications hosted by:

-Darian Kovacs, Indigenous business leader and Managing Partner of Jelly Digital Marketing and PR

-Ted Lau, owner of digital marketing agency Ballistic Arts

-Daryl Louie, Co-Founder and CEO of AntiSocial Media Solutions

-Shelley McArthur-Everett, Founder & President, SMC Communications Inc.

-Jyll Saskin Gales, Digital Marketing Consultant,

We’ve had guests from Google, LEGO, Spotify, Starbucks and thought leaders like Seth Godin, Guy Kawasaki, Neil Patel, Malcolm Gladwell and DHH. The hosts aim to unearth tips, tricks, and insights from the best marketers and business leaders from Canada and around the world. Presented by Marketing News Canada