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Many Roads Travelled : (Solo Female) Travel Podcast

The travel podcast that takes you on epic adventures around the world!

So if you love to travel & travel adventures then come along for the ride!


The first series was about my 16 months, a 31,000-mile road trip from Paris to Cape Town way back in 1993/94!


The 2nd series was about my solo month-long overland trip around Central America in February 2020.


I travelled to 6 countries including Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.


The 3rd series is about returning to Brighton UK after 6 years, (my home for 20 years) and travelling around Morocco with a cane due to my bum knee in June 2022.


First of all, thank you so much for listening.


Check out the travel websites that I use for travel insurance, booking hotels, tours and if you would like to work from anywhere then join my free affiliate marketing course then just go to


I hope to entertain you with my crazy ass travel tales as well as offer you inspiration & travel advice (especially for solo female travellers) along the way!

After 30 years of solo female travel to 77 countries, I have a lot of them!

Think of my travel podcast as an audiobook, each episode will take you along with me on my travels day by day or week by week.

In each episode, I will be covering 1 destination and offering up to date travel tips for the area I cover in the episode. Including tips for solo female travel.

This will give you a feeling of what it is really like to travel especially as a solo female traveler.

As well as learn how sustainable travel is the best kind of travel!

I have done many long-term budget overland/road trips, as well as shorter trips as a female solo traveler as well as with friends.

When I left for Africa in 1993, I thought I was going to be away for 6 turned out to be 22 years!

The upcoming series will cover more overland trips such as:

Travels in Central America (my most recent in Feb 2020)

Travels in Europe

Travel in South East Asia

Travels in the Middle East

Travels in India

Travels in Canada

Travel in the USA

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for listening! :)

So if you love solo female travel, adventure travel, or just travel in general then come along for the ride!

You can find more info and transcriptions on Many Roads Travelled as well as on social media:









New episode is out every other Thursday!

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Until then, safe road at a time.

Tamara x


Being the Queen of Sheba in Fes Morocco!
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Solo Travel Tales From Tangier Morocco
Show Details19min 56s
Flights, Canes And Beauty Brighton UK
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Amazing Zip Lining in Beautiful Monteverde Cloud Forest in Costa Rica
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Beautiful Ometepe Island Nicaragua & Travelling to Monteverde Costa Rica
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Good Times in Granada Nicaragua
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Boarding Down an ACTIVE Volcano in Leon Nicaragua!
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Antigua and Beautiful Lake Atitlan, Guatamala
Show Details29min 5s
Visiting Stunning Semuc Champey, Guatemala
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Lovely Flores and Getting Lost In Tikal Guatemala!
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Visiting the Amazing ATM Cave in Belize
Show Details32min
Swimming with Sharks in Caye Caulker Belize
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Many Roads Travelled Series 2 Trailer -Central America
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LAST STOP! Lamu And Nairobi, Kenya: 31 000 Miles Overland
Show Details40min 19s
Malawi to Nairobi in 4 Days! 30,000 Miles
Show Details26min 56s
Good Times in Lovely Malawi...Again! 28,750 Miles
Show Details30min 16s
Free Ride in Mozambique: 27,850 Miles
Show Details29min 42s
Hitchhiking Solo in South Africa & Swaziland (Eswatini): 26,650 Miles
Show Details28min 22s
Lesotho 'The Kingdom in the Sky' & Free State South Africa: 26,100 Miles
Show Details24min 28s
Lost in The Drakensberg Mountains South Africa! : 25600 Miles
Show Details23min 53s
Working in Durban South Africa for 6 Weeks: 25,400 Miles
Show Details17min 54s
After a Year On The Road I Finally Made it to Cape Town! : 24,400 Miles
Show Details18min 9s
Breathtaking Sossusvlei & a Crazy Christmas in Luderitz Namibia: 23,700 Miles
Show Details22min 48s
Caprivi Strip, Etosha Pan, & Animals in Wondrous Namibia! : 23,000 Miles
Show Details21min 40s
I Almost Died Twice at Victoria Falls Zimbabwe! : 21,300 Miles
Show Details20min 54s
The Commonwealth Crew is Created in Zimbabwe! : 20600 Miles
Show Details23min 54s
Malaria in Malawi! : 20250 Miles
Show Details27min 19s
Good Times in Nkhata Bay & Cape McClear Malawi : 20,000 Miles
Show Details30min 34s
1000 Mile Dash to get from Zanzibar to Malawi for my Birthday: 18,960 Miles
Show Details25min 49s
R & R in Zanzibar: 18,030 Miles
Show Details30min 13s
Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro On a 6 Day Trek (Part 2) :17630 Miles
Show Details28min 27s
6 Day Trek Up Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania (Part 1) :17,630 Miles
Show Details29min 48s
Booking Mount Kilimanjaro Trek (It Wasn't Easy!): 17570 Miles
Show Details23min 29s
'The Garden Of Eden' - Ngorongoro Crater Tanzania : 17520 Miles
Show Details30min 12s
Long Tanzania Travel Days! Kigoma-Dodoma-Arusha Tanzania: 17270 Miles
Show Details30min 20s
Hanging Out With Chimpanzees for 3 Days in Mahale National Park, Tanzania:16400 Miles
Show Details28min 32s
Bujumbura Burundi & Ferry Fun Times! 16400 Miles
Show Details29min 13s
An Unexpected Day In Rwanda + Goma Congo: 15940 Miles
Show Details23min 12s
Amazing Gorilla Trekking in Virunga National Park Congo : 15710 Miles
Show Details26min 29s
Volcano Climbing in Virunga National Park Uganda: 15700 Miles
Show Details27min 2s
High Times In Uganda! Fort Portal, Senuliki N.P., Lake Buniyoni & Kasese: 15620 Miles
Show Details31min 2s
Fire Ants & Monkeys in Kibale Forest National Park Uganda: 15170 Miles
Show Details21min 19s
The Ssese Islands Uganda! 14,770 Miles
Show Details34min 3s
Amazing Murchinson Falls & Kampala Uganda: 14550 Miles
Show Details29min 31s
Sipi Falls Uganda & 5 Days to Travel 325 miles Across Uganda! 14,325 Miles
Show Details28min 43s
Flamingos, Lake Victoria & Crossing Into Uganda: 14,000 Miles
Show Details21min 9s
Close Encounters With Hippos At Lake Naivasha Kenya! 13660 Miles
Show Details36min 35s
The Kenyan Coast: Malindi, Mombasa (& Nairobi) + I Say Bye to Casey! 13600 Miles
Show Details32min 53s
Beautiful Lamu Island - After 5 Months Finally A Holiday! :13,000 Miles
Show Details31min 40s
So Happy To Be In Kenya! Nairobi Here We Come... : 12500 Miles
Show Details19min 43s
Attacked In Addis Ababa Ethiopia + The Blue Nile Falls : 12000 Miles
Show Details31min 11s
Get Me Out of Gonder Ethiopia! : 11400 Miles
Show Details34min 34s
Almost Died In a Fatal Truck Accident in the Simian Mountains, Ethiopia : 11300 Miles
Show Details26min 16s
Made It To Ethiopia! Step 5 Complete! 11,150 Miles
Show Details35min 19s
I Was In The Newest Country in the World! Eritrea (Asmara & Massawa) : 10900 Miles
Show Details29min 31s
Kasala Sudan And Making it to Eritrea! :10,775 Miles
Show Details25min 36s
Hot & Bothered In Khartoum, Sudan : 10075 Miles
Show Details28min 45s
The Train Ride From Hell! Wadi Halfa to Khartoum Sudan : 10 075 Miles
Show Details28min 52s
Up & Down The Nile : Cairo, Luxor & Aswan Egypt : 8875 Miles
Show Details17min 57s
Luxor Egypt : The Valley of the Kings & Karnaka : 8000 Miles
Show Details31min 54s
A Sahara Desert Paradise : Siwa Oasis, Egypt : 7200 Miles
Show Details33min 47s
Pyramid Day! Exploring the Giza & Saqqara Pyramids Cairo Egypt: 6520 Miles (Part 2)
Show Details14min 17s
King Tut, Bombs & Bazaars : Cairo Egypt (Part 1) : 6520 Miles
Show Details24min 51s
Sunrise on Mount Sinai | Dahab & The Blue Hole -Sinai Egypt : 6150 Miles
Show Details26min 17s
3 Days In Jordan : Petra, The Dead Sea & Jerash: Mile 5600
Show Details32min
Travelling To Syria (Damascus) : 5300 Miles of 30k Mile Road Trip
Show Details22min 1s
How The Hell Do We Get To Africa?! + Cyprus :5000 Miles
Show Details23min 9s
The Beautiful Turkey Turquoise Coast : 2950 Miles of 30K Mile Road Trip
Show Details28min 16s
2 Days In Athens + Crete & Rhodes Greece : 2350 Miles
Show Details28min 47s
2 Days In Rome Italy : 1350 Miles
Show Details22min 38s
3 Days In Paris France: The 30K Mile Road Trip To Africa Begins!
Show Details25min 26s
Intro & Why I Went On a 30K Mile Road Trip To Africa!
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Let's Go To Africa on a 30K Mile Road Trip! - Series 1 Trailer
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Many Roads Travelled - Travel Podcast Trailer
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