OFF DUTY // Career Imposter Syndrome, Workcations, Solo Travel, And More With Rachel Off Duty!

59m | May 16, 2023

Hi, my loves! Today, we have Rachel of Rachel Off Duty on the podcast!

Rachel is a career & travel expert, the self-appointed Work-Cation Queen, and the founder behind Rachel Off Duty – a website for ambitious women looking to live more adventurous lives. Employed full-time and having done all of the above (the commute, the office cubicle, and now the remote work) on top of traveling multiple times a year, Rachel aims to showcase the possibilities (and challenges!) of a travel-focused lifestyle.

Rachel works as an account director and travel consultant in the advertising space, advising on content strategy for travel, food & drink, finance, and hospitality brands. She has spoken at ESTO, eTourism, Lessons from Abroad, and WITS about working with brands, building travel-friendly careers, and telling better stories. 

We're discussing:

  • Rachel's journey to landing a job in advertising
  • Rachel's first solo trip — where she went and what she learned
  • Workcations and how you can prep for your first one
  • What you need to know about solo travel
  • How to alleviate your fear of traveling solo
  • How to travel while working full-time
  • Rachel's tips for booking successful workcations
  • And more!

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