Your Creative Calling is Medicine With Isabel Bagsik

44m | Jan 30, 2024

Meet Our Guest:  Isabel Bagsik

Join me in a heartfelt conversation with Isabel Bagsik, a Filipina-American Creative Wellness Guide on a mission to help you unlock the healing power of your creative gifts.

As a former Art Director with over a decade of experience in diverse industries, Isabel has transitioned into guiding BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ change-makers toward creative wellness. Together, we delve into the profound notion that our Creative Calling is Medicine.

Discover why individuals from marginalized communities often struggle with embracing rest, self-care, and play, and learn to challenge narratives that undermine the worth of your creativity. Isabel shares insights on rejecting capitalist-driven practices that lead to burnout, emphasizing the transformative impact of prioritizing rest for unlocking abundance.

Join us to explore the liberating concept that your creativity deserves more than being labeled a mere hobby. Learn how connecting with your inner child fosters a play-filled environment, driving creative momentum and prosperity.

By the end of this conversation, you'll be inspired and equipped to embrace your creativity fully, armed with a deeper understanding of the systems influencing your journey and practical strategies to thrive in your creative experience.

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