ATTACHED // The Law of Assumption, Attachment Styles, And Manifesting Healthy Relationships With Registered Psychologist Melissa Baisi

1h 8m | Jun 6, 2023

Hi, my loves! It's been a minute and today we're back w/another guest episode. During the first 25 mins of the show we catch up, and I fill y'all in on a few things that have been happening on my end before we dive into the interview with our guest!

Today, we have Melissa Baisi on the show! Melissa is a Registered Psychologist in the Province of Alberta. 

Melissa's primary focus in her practice is helping with depression and anxiety, different manifestations with the same root cause. We discuss how Melissa uses the Law of Assumption in her client practice.

We're discussing:

  • What attachment theory is, and how our attachment styles are formed
  • How we can work to change our attachment style
  • How modern media and dating apps affect our attachment styles
  • The law of assumption and what it is
  • Melissa's unique approach to using the Law of Assumption in her practice
  • Law of Attraction vs. Law of Assumption
  • And more!

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