Processing Big Feelings in Life, New Moon In Virgo (All Signs Breakdown!)

55m | Sep 12, 2023

In today's episode, I'm chatting about the feeling of the dust settling and everything hitting me all at once. I've been super emotional lately, and I'm catching y'all up on my processing of those feelings.

Then, we get into the new moon in Virgo chat! For these future episodes, I might break these down into their own separate mini-episodes so it's easier to find yours w/out ads — let me know what you think!

Timestamps — listen for your rising; timestamps will probably be a little off if ads get inserted where I put the markers, so fast forward 30-60 seconds, and you'll find yours!)

  • New Moon Overview: 24:40
  • Aries: 30:53
  • Taurus: 34:33
  • Gemini: 37:05
  • Cancer: 39:02
  • Leo: 40:48
  • Virgo: 42:44
  • Libra: 44:29
  • Scorpio: 46:15
  • Sagittarius: 47:33
  • Capricorn: 49:03
  • Aquarius: 51:09 
  • Pisces: 52:35
  • Outro: 54:16


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