Decoding Your Cosmic Blueprint: A Deep Dive into Human Design with Jaclyn Michelle

1h 21m | Feb 6, 2024

Meet Our Guest: Jaclyn Michelle

Today, we’re chatting with Jaclyn Michelle — the Alchemist and reader behind the Human Design-based site Interior Creature.

Jaclyn Michelle is a self-proclaimed personal development nerd with a desire to pursue true self-discovery. From a young age, Jaclyn was drawn to all things metaphysical, but as she pursued conventional success, she found herself trapped in a system that led to burnout, weight gain, depression, and an abusive relationship with alcohol. 

Her turning point came with a profound realization inspired by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés' words in "Women Who Run With the Wolves." 

Jaclyn embarked on a transformative quest to rediscover her true self, delving into her spiritual toolkit and reconnecting with her birth charts. 

Now, as a Birth Chart Alchemist, Practitioner, and Teacher, Jaclyn is dedicated to making esoteric systems accessible and fostering self-inquiry for transformative personal growth. 

Jaclyn and I chat about what human design is in this episode, but unlike some of the other HD episodes, we dive a little deeper into this one. We’re chatting about authorities, centers, and lines. We explore the role these components play in examining your chart in a more detailed way. 

Human Design offers us a unique way to understand our gifts and how we should share them with the world to prosper truly. Join us as Jaclyn shares her insights on compassionate self-discovery and delivers a wealth of information for anyone hoping to uncover more insights from their human design chart. 

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