September 2023 Energy Report

1h 7m | Sep 1, 2023

Is it pumpkin season yet?!

In today's September 2023 energy report, we go over what happened after my last existential crisis, what I plan to do with school, my return to TikTok, and more — as well as the astro transits this month!

If you're returning and want to skip the intro, the report starts around 29-30 mins into today's episode!

We're chatting about

  • September 3rd: Venus Direct in Leo
  • September 4th: Jupiter Retrograde in Taurus
  • September 14: New Moon in Virgo
  • September 15th: Mercury Direct in Virgo
  • September 23rd: Sun Enters Libra
  • September 29th: Full Moon in Aries
  • And MORE!


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