Using Numerology to Manifest Your Best Life With Joy of The Joy of Numerology

1h 2m | Aug 8, 2023

Hi, my loves! Today, we're joined by expert numerologist Joy Woodward, of The Joy of Numerology.

Joy’s journey from the corporate world and into the spiritual world has been led by numbers. Over 10 years ago Joy began studying Pythagorean Numerology and realized just how accurate numbers were for predicting the themes and experiences in her life as well as the lives of others. Joy discovered her gift.

After being pushed by the Universe and encouraged by her husband, she started The Joy of Numerology a business designed to help others learn how to use numbers to lead them along the most aligned paths in their lives. 

Today, I’m sitting down with Joy to talk all things numbers and we’re going to discuss how you can use numbers to manifest and live your very best life.

We're discussing:

  • What is numerology
  • How we can use numerology to better understand the most aligned path in our lives
  • How numerology relates to angel numbers
  • Destiny numbers, life path numbers, attitude numbers, and personal year numbers
  • And more!

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