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Men talking about what men don't talk about. It's pretty vulnerable, so put on your hardhat and listen in.


Manalizing 15 Aaron Shields despite appearances
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Manalizing 14 Robert Snow When parenting gets harder
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Manalizing 13 Garth Haslem on being spineless
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Manalizing 12 Riley & Jordan Hanks cancer & relationships
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Manalizing 11 Howard Little choosing to laugh in a hard life
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Manalizing 0 Garth Haslem Why manalizing
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Manalizing 10 Robert Snow When dadding gets hard
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Manalizing 9 Pele Tautu Talking to the moon
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Manalizing 8 Pele Tautu Being an immigrant
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Manalizing 7 Todd Nielsen Outer toughness & inner desperation
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Manalizing 6 Colby Drugs, life, light & deck building
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Manalizing 5 Frank Photiadis Navigating marriages & divorces
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Manalizing 4 Jordan Hanks When cancer happens
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