Man UP

Join Jake Reeves, Wes Dunnam, and Tyler Copeland as they explore the meaning of manhood, the struggles of parenting, and tell their stories of coming of age!


Episode 18: Dan Shapiro part 2
Show Details55min 24s
Episode 18: Dan Shapiro Part 1
Show Details56min 33s
Episode 17: Part 2
Show Details53min 21s
Episode 17: part 1
Show Details55min 34s
Episode 16: part 2
Show Details47min 5s
Episode 16: Valentines Day
Show Details50min 59s
Episode 15: Tyler is back! Part 2
Show Details1hr 12min
Episode 15: Tyler is back! Part 1
Show Details1hr 9min
Episode 14: Part 2 Kaleb Harris and Dustin Dipuma
Show Details54min 19s
Episode 14: Kaleb Harris and Dustin Dipuma
Show Details49min 21s
Episode 13: Part 2 Dr. Mark Romano
Show Details51min 52s
Episode 13 Dr. Mark Romano part 1
Show Details49min 13s
Episode 12!
Show Details1hr 51min
Episode 11
Show Details2hr 12min
Episode 10: First episode of new year!
Show Details1hr 32min
Episode 9: Alan Aldridge
Show Details2hr 4min
Episode 8: With Alan Aldridge
Show Details2hr 17min
Episode 7!
Show Details1hr 49min
Episode 6!!!
Show Details1hr 45min
Episode 5!!
Show Details2hr 3min
Episode 4!!!!
Show Details1hr 46min
Episode 3
Show Details1hr 50min
Man UP episode 2!!
Show Details1hr 34min
Episode 1: The REAL Episode 1!!
Show Details1hr 30min
Show Details42s