Making sense with Nikhil

A finance manager by day and Batman by night, I am an avid traveler, music junkie, sports enthusiast and an aspiring investor.

And here’s my take on life so far: it is consistently inconsistent.

So, this is me trying to make sense of life as an adult, together with you! The hope is to spark intriguing conversations about everything under the sun, and talk about things that might push you and me to become better people.


#5 - "Why buy one when you can buy them all?" | Step 3
Show Details14min 22s
#4 - S.O.S. | Step 2: Emergency Funds
Show Details10min 47s
#3 - *TnC's apply | in conversation with Mitesh Sunder
Show Details27min 10s
#2 - Y.O.D.O. | Step 1: Life Insurance
Show Details11min 55s
#1 - Financial Independence
Show Details10min 7s