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Making Sense of Eternal Return

Take a deep dive into the current meta of Eternal Return using a statistical and analytical approach every week on the first podcast of its kind, Making Sense of Eternal Return, with TheNamesNiko and Branflakes. Unsure why everyone is playing crossbow Nadine? Unsure why all the Chiaras in your lobby are killing everyone? We’ll explain it to you! Topics covered include the most picked characters, highest win rate characters, highest average kills characters, and more! If you think we missed something, there will be a Q&A at the end of each episode. The podcast will be live on every Monday at 8 pm EST and will be available the following day on YouTube at and your favourite podcast platform.


Episode 3
Show Details1hr 48min
Episode 2
Show Details2hr 13min
Episode 1
Show Details1hr 41min