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Welcome to Life With Majic, the podcast that celebrates your unapologetic individuality and magic!

Professional life coach and performance artist Majic Dyke guides listeners through conversations about sex, kink, gender, sexuality, mental health, religion, self improvement, and more. Find your passion and purpose by learning effective self discovery tools from dope ass people.


Culture Fucking
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Are You DTF?
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Inside The Mind of a Therapist ❀ Jet Setting Jasmine
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Children's Rights Advocacy ❀ Domonique Mertenton
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Best of Gay DC ❀ Desiree Dik & Ricky Rosé
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Spirituality & Activism ❀ Kamil Oshundara
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The Evolution of Self ❀ ARROWS
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The Power of Showing Up as Caretakers ❀ Crocodile Lightning
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Crocodile Lightning is a transgender burlesque performer transplanted from Thailand. She started using the art of striptease to rekindle the connection with her body and sensuality after her transition. When she is not performing, Crocodile Lightning is a trauma-informed, anti-oppression infant mental health practitioner. 

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Published Jul 18, 2020 at 11:51pm
Getting To Know Majic (Your Questions Answered)
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Getting To Know Majic (Submit Your Questions)
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Pleasure Advocacy ❀ Jennifer Eden
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Black Healers United ❀ Leigh & Carmen Player
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