Q & A

42m | Aug 29, 2023

We interrupt your regularly scheduled episode to bring you a fun little Question & Answer session with Nicole, Olivia, and Bob. We discuss our favorite spells, the inspiration behind our characters and the podcast, and 80’s attitudes towards Dungeons & Dragons.

Magic Monsters & Moms, or MM&M, is a Dungeons & Dragons comedy podcast created to highlight women's stories and representation in RPG / tabletop games.

Content Warning: Strong Language

Bevin Victoria as Nizama Filam

Bob Morrison as Viola Mora

Lauren Scher as Adira Chinman

Olivia Noelle as Silis Ayers

Nicole Rayner as DM

Produced and Edited by Nicole Rayner

Theme Music "My Favorite Woman" by Justina Shandler

Theme Music produced by Alex Bradfield

Cover illustrations by Amy @pastripink on all socials

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Magic Monsters & Moms