Riddled with Riddles

1h 2m | Apr 3, 2023

The mom squad learns more about their situation from the Celestial Mother herself. The gang sets out on a Map Quest and narrowly avoids defeat from a bit of wordplay. 

Magic Monsters & Moms - also known as MM&M - is a Dungeons & Dragons comedy podcast created to highlight women's stories and representation in RPG / tabletop games and media

Content Warning: Explicit Language

Bevin Victoria as Nizama Filam

Bob Morrison as Viola Mora

Lauren Scher as Adira Chinman

Olivia Noelle as Silis Ayers

Nicole Rayner as DM

Produced and Edited by Nicole Rayner

Theme Music "My Favorite Woman" by Justina Shandler

Theme Music produced by Alex Bradfield

Cover illustrations by @indyjannajones on Instagram

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Magic Monsters & Moms