Mad World

Welcome to Mad World with Megg & Maria. Two ordinary 20-something girls with opinions to share, gossip to unfold and stories to tell. Grab a drink, be ready for lots of honesty, vulnerability and the little life experience we have. Disclaimer: expect cringe, swearing and a good giggle. Find us on Instagram for podcast updates: @madworld_podcast


Episode 9: Discussing Diversity in Entertainment and Where It Falls Short
Show Details52min 54s
Episode 8: Taking Advantage of Being Young & Dumb
Show Details38min 25s
Episode 7: Discussing the Dark Side of Fast Fashion with Maddy Steele
Show Details56min 33s
Episode 6: I'm Not Raising Your Kids
Show Details47min
Episode 5: Getting Nostalgic and Being Intimidated by 13 Year Olds
Show Details49min 48s
Episode 4: Our Phones Are Tapped and We Are Scared
Show Details47min 14s
Episode 3: We Need More From Brands & People
Show Details54min 19s
Episode 2: Setting Personal Rules and Attempting to Follow Them
Show Details33min 18s
Episode 1: Crying in the Bath During Lockdown
Show Details27min 33s