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Everyone, no matter who they are or what they may be doing at this time, has an originality of designation that seeks to justify their existence. Everyone is here for a reason; every child is born towards starting a journey that has a finish line somewhere in life. To everything in life, there is a purpose and a corresponding timeline through which that purpose must be successfully executed coupled with an original plan on how to reach there. To this end also, there is a calling, an internalized reminder in the spirit man telling you that your journey in life did not start in the physical but was designated in the SPIRITUALITY OF ETERNITY to be executed in the PHYSICALITY OF REALITY.

The spirit man emanated from an eternal realm rightly identified as purpose which is simply the reason for physical existence. Your purpose is encapsulated in your inner man as the hardware of gifts and talents and your mind of which resides in your soul has been pre-scheduled to download the software of qualitative preparatory exercises through proper education in other to activate and unleash your potentiality towards a purposeful existence. The life you have was given you for a purpose and at the end of the day, you will be accountable on how you may have used it.

Secrets with Mac The-Lion is such a podcast designated to purposefully re-align your existence by utilizing the hidden treasures of the depths of eternal wisdom, in an intelligent format that is digestible and applicable in the living realities of daily life; thereby granting one the necessitated spirituality of an overcomer that has truly discovered self, for a meaningful and maximized existence.