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Loving Awareness

Loving Awareness Podcast Network — bringing you creative, conscious media that inspires and elevates the human spirit. Loving Awareness Sanctuary ~ connect with your True Nature with Savi Ma and Mark Gehrke. Explore: nature connection, intuitive energy guidance sessions, meditation, sound healing & mantra music, ancient wisdom & yogic practices, herbal plant & flower essence products, and more!


Season Shifts | Energy Shifts | What is Your Soul Calling You Toward? | Journal to Discover!
Show Details15min 42s
Navigating through Immense Change
Show Details30min 29s
Magic Words | Using Them to Find Your Self + Your Center
Show Details28min 42s
Is Busy-ness a Self-Inflicted, Soul Crushing Curse? Sensitive Soul Self Care Says Probably
Show Details26min 5s
Self-Abandonment Stops Here ~ What You Feel Bears Wisdom – Are You Listening?
Show Details24min 27s
How Are You BEing? BEing-ness + Doing-ness and Practicing the Art of Conscious Syncing
Show Details22min 3s
Conscious Processing in Real Time ~ Allowing Raw, Vulnerable, Honest Self-Witnessing
Show Details40min 6s
Important Messages from Our Soul Light + Solstice Blessings
Show Details18min 18s
Shifting the Way You Relate with Time for Greater Self Love
Show Details22min 23s
It Takes Courage to Listen to Your Soul Call
Show Details22min 22s
A Healed World Begins with Every Heart Knowing Source Love Within
Show Details29min 36s
Get Unconventional, Time for Reprogramming, Be Like Water
Show Details8min 11s