Love & Citizenship

A show featuring conversations about all things love, the many journeys we've been on, and everything above and beyond that captures the essence of the guest's lived human experience.


#10 - Perseverance & Looking Ahead
Show Details29min 14s
#9 - Meeting Love Through Healing (w/ Fernanda Cortina)
Show Details53min 8s
#8 - The Crucible of Our Friendship (w/ Donnchadh Mac Gabhann)
Show Details59min 48s
#7 - Meeting In The Middle (w/ Liz Maguire)
Show Details57min 37s
#6 - The Meaning In Our Otherness (w/ Ayesha Syeddah)
Show Details58min 18s
#5 - The Homes That Define Us (w/ David Scanlon)
Show Details56min 22s
#4 - Shining A Light (w/ Ella Dawson)
Show Details1hr 3min
#3 - The Salmon of Knowledge (w/ James Ireland)
Show Details49min 57s
#2 - Finding Happiness Off-Script (w/ David Kelly)
Show Details52min 27s
#1 - Planting Beans
Show Details21min 59s
Introducing Love & Citizenship!
Show Details2min 31s