• Economic system Transition - Is a new economic system needed for a better world

    In this episode I talk about my project called 'economic system transition' in which I ask a simple question 'What world do we want to live in?'.

    I start this episode by first attempting to define what 'the system' is exactly before moving on to other topics.

    The topics discussed in this episode include:

    • Legal Systems
    • Economic Systems
    • Political Systems
    • Complexity science
    • Cybernetics
    • Feedback loops
    • Philosophy

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    49m - Apr 24, 2023
  • Wisdation - Can you accumulate wisdom?

    In this episode I talk about my project about wisdom and whether this is something that can be acquired through a process, and it can be found at: https://www.wisdation.com/

    All of my other content can be found on my main website, found at:


    Outline of the Wisdation Project:


    • Data
    • Metadata
    • Concepts
    • Information


    • Empathy
    • Conveyance
    • Expression
    • Perception
    • Trivium
    • Logic (Why)
    • Grammar (Who, what, where, when)
    • Rhetoric (How)


    • Understanding
    • Complexity
    • Reductionism
    • Coherence
    • Perspective
    • Knowledge
    • Justification
    • Truth
    • Belief


    • Practice
    • Communication


    E3 - 34m - Nov 11, 2022
  • Thinkersolver - Valued Outcomes

    In this episode I describe my oldest project Thinkersolver and how this one project overtime allowed my other projects to emerge from it and can be found at https://thinkersolver.com/

    All of my other content can be found on my main website, found at:


    The Thinkersolver project is developing a guide with the intention of achieving VALUED OUTCOMES, which will be done by examining how we THINK and ACT, including the FACTORS that revolve around them.

    Outline of the thinkersolver project:

    Main Pillar 1 - Factors

    Sub Pillar 1 - Environment

    Sub Pillar 2 - System

    Sub Pillar 3 - Human Inventions

    Main Pillar 2 - Think

    Sub Pillar 4 - Knowledge

    Sub Pillar 5 - Attitude

    Sub Pillar 6 - Reasoning

    Main Pillar 3 - Act

    Sub Pillar 7 - Practice

    Sub Pillar 8 - Behaviour

    Sub Pillar 9 - Judgment

    Outline for Environment:

    Main Pillar 1 - Factors

    Sub Pillar 1 - Environment


    • Element -> (Quarks/Leptons/Gauge Bosons/Scalar Bosons)
    • Compound
    • Homogenous
    • Heterogenous



    E2 - 1h 15m - Oct 14, 2022
  • Life is a complex system

    Hello and welcome to this podcast. My Name is Louie Mussett and I will be the Host for the show. I am a 28 year old male with a degree in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering that has been working as an assembler at a factory for the past 5 years.

    Life is a complex system

    Louie Mussett

    Do you want to know podcast

    Life is a complex system is a project aimed at examining your life under the lense of complexity science and reinventing a new way of living by taking advantage of the various unexpected outcomes that complex systems allow us to live by. Below is the folder structure I mention in the podcast.

    • Old Archive
    1. Daily Notes
    2. Identity
    3. Preparation
    4. Process
    5. Evergreen Notes
    6. Outcome
    7. Archive
    8. Review

    Since I work a full time job expect updates to occur on a weekly basis for each project. The more time I can to work on these projects, the more they will be updated, so stay tuned for information on how to support me in later episodes.

    E1 - 1h 3m - Oct 2, 2022
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