Los Full Stackers

Jose Salinas and Charlie Lopez are full stackers that breakdown computer science topics like algorithms, data structures, system design and best practices.

Using their industry experience, they will share stories and nightmares from landing jobs in Silicon Valley to discussing their hot takes and everything in between.


Qué significa ser Full Stack: un viaje personal
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Dónde están Los Full Stackers?
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Un cuento de navidad III: El fantasma del on-site
Show Details57min 28s
Un cuento de navidad II: el fantasma del Technical Screen
Show Details49min 6s
Un cuento de navidad I: el fantasma del CV
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Lost in Spanglish / Perdidos en Spanglish
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Finding Diversity and Inclusion
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[8] días con bases de datos: Big Table, Postgres y Elastic Search / [8] days of databases
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Junior, Mid, Senior: El camino ninja de un developer / Junior, Mid, Senior: The path of the ninja developer
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Coding and System Design Interviews, oh my! / Entrevistas código y diseño de sistemas: ay wey!
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How to hit the ground running with your tech stack / Como elegir tu tech stack y no fallar en el intento
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