95 - Squats

2h 2m | Nov 18, 2021

“Concerning Squats. We are rather peculiar creatures, content more with our own affairs of mining and trading agreements than the state of the Imperium and the galaxy as a whole. We are stalwart drinking companions, true warriors, and you’ll never find a better or stronger friend than a Squat. While our current predicament is a shame, with the right encouragement and direction, we may yet see a resurgence of the Squat race in our galaxy.” - Ancestor Lord Bilboa, 245.M36

This episode is all about Squats! Join us, along with Paul and Chris (for the last time), as we navigate this race of abhumans.

As well, take a look at this podcast, called the Hobby Happy Hour, created by Jon and Bob. The Hobby Happy Hour | Podcast on Spotify

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