Lore & Pour: Drunk Dungeons & Dragons Lore

Welcome to Lore & Pour where we smash together Drunk History and Dungeons & Dragons lore!

Our host Adam DeWees brings on a different guest every week and together they hang out and have a few drinks before Adam gives the guest their topic only 30 minutes prior to recording. The guest then studies up (a bit) before we press record and treat that guest as if they are the absolute authority on the subject matter!

Our D&D lore is even accurate sometimes (not often)! Check out our trailer to see if this show is something you would be interested in and start right from episode 1 about the Illithid.




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The Underdark
Show Details1hr 1min
Show Details55min 37s
The Feywild
Show Details36min 14s
Show Details44min
Show Details23min 46s
The Nine Hells
Show Details41min 14s
The Tarrasque
Show Details41min 26s
The Astral Plane
Show Details39min 50s
Mind Flayers
Show Details30min 5s
Welcome to Lore & Pour (Trailer)
Show Details1min 37s