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Lord of the Rings Lorecast

From the creation of the world to what happened after the destruction of the One Ring, this podcast explains all of the lore, characters, history, and mythology of J.R.R. Tolkien's amazingly deep and complex world one topic at a time. It's like the best college course you could ever take with a professor who loves Middle Earth and adds in some mind-blowing concepts along the way. Whether you're new to the fandom or someone interested in brushing up on the details and expanding your perspective, this is the perfect Tolkien podcast for you. This is part of the Robots Radio network and is brought to you by the host of other hit lore shows including the Fallout Lorecast, Elder Scrolls Lorecast, Witcher Lorecast, and Cyberpunk Lorecast. For business inquiries or advertising please contact robotsnetwork@gmail.com. This podcast is supported by our patrons at https://patreon.com/lotrlorecast.


38. The Nirnaeth Arnoediad Part 1
Show Details32min 27s
37. The Union of Maedhros
Show Details33min 43s
36. Beren and Luthien Part 9: The End?
Show Details37min 7s
35. Beren and Luthien Part 8: Doom Unstoppable
Show Details40min 34s
34. Beren and Luthien Part 7: Morgoth
Show Details33min 36s
33. Beren and Luthien Part 6: The Gates of Angband
Show Details33min 57s
32. Beren and Luthien Part 5: Luthien & Huon vs Sauron
Show Details34min 50s
31. Beren and Luthien Part 4: The Prisons of Luthien
Show Details31min 6s
30: Beren and Luthien Part 3: Finrod's Oath
Show Details31min 26s
29. Beren and Luthien Part 2: Beren's Doom
Show Details35min 47s
28. Beren and Luthien Part 1: A Chance Meeting
Show Details31min 54s
27. War Stories & Horrors
Show Details31min 51s
26. Fingolfin vs Morgoth
Show Details37min 19s
25. The Battle of Sudden Flame, The Dagor Bragollach
Show Details32min 45s
24. The First Men Arrive in Beleriand
Show Details34min 54s
23. The Tragedy of The White Lady of the Noldor
Show Details34min 48s
22. The Hidden Things of the Noldor
Show Details34min 57s
21. The Father of Dragons
Show Details34min 28s
20. Caves, Towers, and Battle
Show Details30min 10s
19. Sneak Peak - Bonus Ep: Valar vs Mythology & The Importance of Grief
Show Details30min 40s
18. A Time of Peace
Show Details33min 5s
17. The Friendship of Fingon & Maedros
Show Details34min 25s
16. The Awakening of Men
Show Details33min 20s
15. The End of The Years of the Trees
Show Details30min 30s
14. The First Battle of Beleriand
Show Details30min 57s
13. The Nature of "Magic"
Show Details33min 41s
12. The Doom of Feanor
Show Details30min 32s
11. The Oath of Feanor
Show Details37min 3s
10. The Power & Wisdom of Galadriel
Show Details35min 40s
9. The Theft of the Silmarils
Show Details35min 27s
8. The Greatest of the Elves: Feanor
Show Details31min 53s
7. The Sundering of the Elves
Show Details32min 34s
6. The Creation of the Dwarves
Show Details32min 5s
5. The Coming of the Elves
Show Details36min 26s
4. The Most Beautiful Creations of the Valar: The 2 Trees of Valinor
Show Details34min 35s
3. All 14 of the Valar
Show Details37min 33s
2. The Beginning of Time
Show Details35min 24s
1. The Creation Story: The Ainulindalë
Show Details49min 16s