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Looks Unfamiliar

Writer and occasional broadcaster Tim Worthington is joined by a series of guests for a bit of a chat about some of the things that they remember that nobody else ever seems to. From Coming On Strong by Broken English and The Order Of The McVitie's Hobnob, to whichever TV programme it was that ended with footage of dandelion seeds being blown away, we're here to try and help, and to confirm that no, nobody else remembers them either.


The Best Of Looks Unfamiliar - Who Let This Flash Harry Into Archive TV Land?
Show Details1hr 8min
098 - Mitch Benn - A Slightly More Apologetic Version of Subbuteo
Show Details1hr 16min
097 - Toby Hadoke - I Don't Remember Birthdays But I Remember Weird ITV Love Stories
Show Details1hr 36min
096 - Al Kennedy - All The Personality Of A Damp Ryvita Crispbread
Show Details1hr 7min
095 - Carrie Dunn - Some Strange Woman On The Northern Line Didn't Say Hello To Him
Show Details52min 34s
094 - Lisa Parker And Andrew Trowbridge - The Curse Of Plug Is A Myth
Show Details1hr 2min
093 - Lydia Mizon - Keep Away From Our Music You Blue Freaks
Show Details1hr 29min
092 - David Smith - It Made Me Want To Go Out And Buy A Bryan Adams Album
Show Details1hr 46min
091 - Toby Hadoke - You'll Go To Prison For False Accusation
Show Details1hr 17min
The Best Of Looks Unfamiliar - George Martin In Cahoots With The Zombie People
Show Details1hr 15min
Looks Unfamiliar Something Outa Nothing Extra - Tim Worthington - A Kind Of Home Bargains KLF
Show Details28min 42s
090 - Hilary Machell - If You're Really Lucky You Might Get Some Marvel Aftershave
Show Details56min 3s
089 - Juliet Brando - An Adorable Serial Killer
Show Details51min 5s
088 - Tim Worthington - Can I Have Some Gold Bullion And Pop Tarts Please?
Show Details1hr 23min
Looks Unfamiliar The Hoarding Extra - Tim Worthington - Watch It Instead Of Ghostwatch
Show Details11min 13s
087 - Gabby Hutchinson Crouch - I Ate My Necklace, It Was Too Tasty
Show Details1hr 8min
086 - Bibi Lynch - Everyone's A Critic Noel
Show Details49min 25s
The Best Of Looks Unfamiliar - You Got How We Used To Live As Well, Did You?
Show Details1hr 19min
Ultimate Christmas Experience - Grace Dent - Be More Chorlton
Show Details1hr 27min
085 - Mic Wright - Film Noir But It's Fish
Show Details54min 53s
084 - Ben Baker - Historical Sitcom Man
Show Details1hr 17min
083 - Mitch Benn - Rumours Line-Up Rainbow
Show Details1hr 23min
082 - Lucy Pope - There's No Glamour In Barcodes
Show Details36min 46s
081 - Grace Dent - We Fed A Lot Of These People After Midnight
Show Details1hr 43min
The Best Of Looks Unfamiliar: What Were They Copying In That - Goonreel?
Show Details1hr 16min
080 - Joanne Sheppard - Not Really The Modus Operandi Of Your Average Ghoul
Show Details1hr 34min
079 - Deborah Tracey - Relax Now, Dammit
Show Details1hr 9min
078 - Joanne Sheppard - It'd Be Like Taking A Bungalow For A Walk
Show Details1hr 11min
The Best Of Looks Unfamiliar: The Acceptable Mike Reid
Show Details1hr 29min
Looks Unfamiliar Disco Sci-Fi Spectacular: "There's No Robots, I'm Not Interested"
Show Details51min 45s
077 - Joel Morris - No-One In My Family Was Going To Be Conned By Big Battery
Show Details1hr 4min
076 - Anna Cale - It Felt Like A Social Realist Jonny Briggs
Show Details1hr 6min
075 - Shanine Salmon - By Law You Had To Have A McGann
Show Details1hr 2min
Looks Unfamiliar When Harry Met Sally Extra: "I've Hung Around Enough Bloody Guitar Playing Boys"
Show Details20min 6s
074 - Matt Lee - If The 1950s Produced A Videogame This Would Be It
Show Details50min 5s
073 - Samira Ahmed - The Fifth Beatle Of The Magic Roundabout World
Show Details48min 24s
Looks Unfamiliar Box Of Delights Extra: "Whether They Had A Million Pounds Or One Pound, They'd Always Give It A Go"
Show Details49min 5s
Looks Unfamiliar Selection Box: "The Idea Of An Annual Eric Idle Christmas Special"
Show Details1hr 31min
Looks Unfamiliar Stocking Fillers
Show Details5min 12s
Captain Marvel Extra
Show Details40min 26s
072 - Sophie Davies - We Can Blame Biggins For Everything Now
Show Details59min 36s
071 - Will Maclean - The Radio Telescope End Of Hauntology
Show Details58min 14s
070 - Catrin Lowe - A Comedy Panorama Report Meets A Superhero Film
Show Details1hr 10min
069 - Mitch Benn - Thunderbird One Is Blue You Weirdo
Show Details1hr 19min
The Best Of Looks Unfamiliar - 11 - This Car Has Abilities Beyond The Capabilities Of An Ordinary Car
Show Details51min 22s
068 - Mic Wright - A Very Fall Type Sweet
Show Details54min 50s
067 - Mark Thompson - It Ended Up Underneath The Leg Of A Chair
Show Details1hr 3min
066 - Bob Fischer - It Was Unthinkable You Would Have An 'R' In An Eighties Tabloid
Show Details1hr 19min
065 - Jane Hill - It Was Quite A Dungaree Based Film
Show Details51min 43s
The Best Of Looks Unfamiliar - That Terrible Stereotyped Evil James Galway Look
Show Details1hr 11min
064 - Carrie Dunn - They Just Shoved People Into Swimming Pools
Show Details47min 47s
063 - Justin Lewis - Tommy Vance's Pages From Ceefax
Show Details1hr 22min
062 - Gabby Hutchinson Crouch - He Was Condemned For Being A Time Yewtree
Show Details56min 39s
061 - Tom Williamson - A Band My Word Processor Hates
Show Details55min 1s
060 - David Smith - Every Third Word Is The Word Clown
Show Details1hr 8min
059 - Lisa Parker And Andrew Trowbridge - Once Upon A Time Gyles Brandreth Was Quite A Cool Name
Show Details51min 41s
058 - Shanine Salmon - Maybe He Felt This Was Going To Be The New Modern Hymn
Show Details1hr 14min
Looks Unfamiliar Annuals Extra: "We Don't Want To Learn A History Of Sodding Cutlery"
Show Details41min 15s
057 - Al Kennedy - Maggie Thatcher Is Coming To Steal Your Gold Coins
Show Details1hr 4min
Looks Unfamiliar Request Show Extra
Show Details1hr 27min
It's Good, Except It Sucks - Preview
Show Details5min 44s
056 - Meryl O'Rourke - The Soup Of The Underwear World
Show Details1hr 14min
The Best Of Looks Unfamiliar - 09 - I Have A Photo Of You Admiring That Lettering
Show Details58min 49s
055 - Lydia Mizon - There Was No Dicaprio Rhyme
Show Details48min 52s
Looks Unfamiliar Now The Christmas Album Extra: "Just Cross That Four Out And Put A Five In"
Show Details45min 24s
Looks Unfamiliar Christmas Extra: "It's Like A Choose Your Own Adventure Of News"
Show Details1hr 7min
Looks Unfamiliar Goblin In The Office Extra: "Don't Worry, They Are On A Register"
Show Details5min 49s
054 - Gary Bainbridge - There Must Be Some Kid Getting A Hundred And Fifty Grand
Show Details1hr
The Best Of Looks Unfamiliar - 08 - I Never Thought I'd Think Tom Baker Was Going On Too Much
Show Details50min 11s
053 - Richard Littler - This Is All That Is Left... Of A Wall
Show Details53min 7s
Looks Unfamiliar A Space Odyssey: We've All Seen The Christmas Tapes...
Show Details6min 40s
052 - Suzy Norman - I Kept This Sweaty Scarf In My Drawer For About Two Years
Show Details53min 28s
051 - Darrell Maclaine - Imperial Phase Matthew Corbett
Show Details43min 13s
050 - Tim Worthington - That Perfect Collision Of Time, Place And Loud Ties
Show Details1hr 21min
049 - Mitch Benn - The Marvel And DC Of Ice Cream
Show Details1hr 13min
048 - Pete Prodge - Paul Nuttalls Of The UCHIPS
Show Details33min 40s
Looks Unfamiliar Telly Addicts Extra: "It's Two Bob The Builders - That's Not Snap"
Show Details23min 36s
047 - Jim Sangster - A Horrible Bee-In-A-Jar Type Noise
Show Details50min 13s
046 - Paul Abbott - So I Started Writing Stories About Gobots Instead
Show Details49min 8s
045 - Melanie Williams - She Was Just Completely Expunged From The Girl-Verse
Show Details45min 55s
Looks Unfamiliar #45 Extra: "Puzzling, Impressive And Very French"
Show Details10min 43s
The Best Of Looks Unfamiliar - 07 - I Personally Blame Mr. Brackett For That
Show Details47min
044 - Chris Hughes - The Mr. Wilmott-Brown Of Chocolate Bars
Show Details1hr 8min
043 - Anna Cale - Mrs. Mangel's Living Room Was The Bane Of My Life
Show Details45min 37s
042 - Bob Fischer - False Flag Giant Hogweed
Show Details59min 41s
041 - Chris Shaw - It's Half Three And Something Is Happening
Show Details45min 1s
The Best Of Looks Unfamiliar - 06 - Top Cat Will Always Be Boss Cat
Show Details57min 41s
040 - Andy Lewis - It Was As Though Someone Had Phoned Through A Description Of What Coke Tasted Like
Show Details1hr
Looks Unfamiliar The Larks Ascending Extra: "You Can't Exactly Wash The Dishes To You Suffer By Napalm Death"
Show Details53min 28s
Looks Unfamiliar Don't Let's Chart Extra: "Dust On Edge"
Show Details29min 17s
039 - Paul Putner - There's No Drill Version Of The Theme To Hunted
Show Details47min 46s
038 - Gillian Kirby - What's Not Work Safe About Sick Worms?
Show Details54min 33s
036 - Paul Cornell - You Don't Want A Less Powerful Mantra For Frippery Astral Travel
Show Details42min 29s
035 - Stephen Brotherstone And Dave Lawrence - We'll Definitely Eat These Meatballs
Show Details52min 22s
The Best Of Looks Unfamiliar - 05 - They're Not Goosestepping Down The Street Shouting Heil The Kandyman
Show Details44min 43s
034 - Justin Lewis - It Sounds Like Regional Sweep
Show Details56min 6s
033 - Emma Burnell - They're Only Eating Macaroni
Show Details50min 2s
Looks Unfamiliar #33 Extra: "Big Daddy Is Number One"
Show Details4min 11s
Looks Unfamiliar Christmas On 4 Extra: "I Don't Want To Get All Sepia Tinted Here"
Show Details19min 39s
Looks Unfamiliar Christmas Extra: "The Meaning Of Christmas Is No Boris Gardiner"
Show Details1hr 2min
Looks Unfamiliar Top Of The Pops Extra: "I Think That's The First Time The Bangles Have Ever Been Linked To Twisted Nerve"
Show Details31min 57s
032 - Vikki Gregorich And Jeff Lewis - No It's Just A Radio That's Been Left On
Show Details52min 16s
Looks Unfamiliar #31 Extra: "Les Tripodes"
Show Details21min 40s
031 - Mark Thompson - Libby's Difficult Second Carton Drink
Show Details58min 39s
Looks Unfamiliar Halloween Extra: "Last Play School House On The Left"
Show Details1hr 16min
030 - John Rain - They Probably Made Mick Fleetwood And Samantha Fox Look Like The Hitman And Her
Show Details44min 10s
Looks Unfamiliar Movie Double Bill Extra: "A Giant Raymond Burr The Size Of Godzilla"
Show Details53min 49s
029 - Phil Norman - Salvador Dali's Scalextric Set
Show Details1hr 16min
028 - Jenny Morrill - I Just Get Pictures Of Actual Boots
Show Details40min 57s
Looks Unfamiliar Looks Familiar Extra: "If You're One Of Those People Who Sells Crack..."
Show Details30min 57s
027 - Jack Kibble-White - You'll Never Silence Paul Coia
Show Details53min 10s
The Best Of Looks Unfamiliar - 04 - The Real Bowie Says To The Imagined Bowie
Show Details40min 33s
026 - Martin Belam - It's Not Funny Having A Piano Fall On Your Head If Someone's Just Drawn It
Show Details48min 22s
025 - Tim Worthington - People Don't Really Go On About Psychedelic Blue Peter
Show Details1hr 2min
024 - Garreth F. Hirons - I Backed The Betamax Of Nirvana Spinoffs
Show Details58min 57s
023 - Ros Ballinger - I Can't Remember If It Was The First Leg Or The Second Leg
Show Details46min 20s
Looks Unfamiliar Glasses Extra: "He's Talking To A Real Australian!"
Show Details6min 51s
022 - James Gent - A Cross Between The Prisoner And Test Match Special
Show Details44min 3s
021 - Darrell Maclaine - The Russ Abbot's Madhouse Cosplay Kit
Show Details53min 12s
Looks Unfamiliar Summer Extra: "No More Giant Breads For Us"
Show Details27min 24s
020 - Paul Kirkley - The Most Memorable Movie Ferret Sacrifice Ever
Show Details45min 36s
019 - Jonny Morris - What Was Actually In The Dandy?
Show Details39min 23s
The Best Of Looks Unfamiliar - 03 - Morph's BBC Fakery
Show Details36min 34s
The Best Of Looks Unfamiliar - 02 - He's Not On A Quest To Find Out, He's Just On A Quest To Get Out
Show Details29min 15s
The Best Of Looks Unfamiliar - 01 - Captain Peacock Is Pompous, Move Back Three Spaces
Show Details30min 3s
018 - Una McCormack - Revolution 9 For Descant Recorder And Woodblock
Show Details39min 36s
017 - Jacqueline Rayner - She Went To The Ball In A Horse-Drawn Bath
Show Details47min 50s
016 - Will Maclean – Barnaby's Apocalypse
Show Details47min 4s
015 - Steve Berry – I Survived The Great Nostalgia Wars Of 1989
Show Details42min 7s
014 - Samira Ahmed – They All Had Hair Like Russ Tamblyn
Show Details51min 48s
013 - Rae Earl - I Think It Was A Cerebral Cheggers Plays Pop
Show Details49min 55s
012 - Steve O'Brien - E.T. Pretzel Design
Show Details35min 10s
011 - Lisa Parker And Andrew Trowbridge - He Looks Like A Normal Boy With A Nose
Show Details38min 13s
Looks Unfamiliar Christmas Extra: "CRISMAS by BEETLES"
Show Details1hr 4min
010 - Mark Griffiths – It Was Definitely An Audience Member, If You'll Pardon The Pun
Show Details35min 46s
009 - Martin Ruddock - I Made A Plasticine Harold Macmillan
Show Details43min 51s
008 - Jem Roberts - ET Is A Definite Thing
Show Details31min 18s
007 - Ben Baker - Just A Bit Massively Stereotypical
Show Details32min 13s
006 - Emma Burnell - Jessica Wakefield Is Jessica Fletcher Writ Large
Show Details29min 57s
005 - Ben Baker - The Famous Fourth Universal Monster
Show Details35min 44s
004 - Stephen O'Brien - The Classic 'Four Calculators' Sketch
Show Details39min 37s
003 - Mark Thompson - I'm Quite Happy With My Passport Colour To Be Honest
Show Details37min 41s
002 - Garreth Hirons - Piers Morgan, I Want My Sizzlin' Bacon Back
Show Details38min 1s
001 - Phil Catterall - Here Is Pyramint, Buy Pyramint
Show Details32min 40s