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    Loki - he was never an exemplary young man. He is known as a scoundrel and a traitor, and these nicknames stuck to him for a reason. Loki always dreamed of becoming famous, he dreamed of fame, and it even got to the point that he tried to overthrow his adoptive father, the god Odin, from the throne. And his brother Thor Loki more than once substituted, committing meanness. No one wanted to be friends and talk with this rascal, and soon Loki was left alone. He did not want to do evil to anyone else, but the gods and people no longer believed him and therefore bypassed him. Watch Loki Series MoviesJoy without signup.

    Loki once did a noble deed. He decided to give his life in exchange for the peace of the earthlings. They were threatened by a giant monster, and Loki traded his life for safety and peace on the entire planet. As a result, he ended up in the afterlife, from where, as you know, there is no way out. But this weasel managed to get out of there unnoticed. Most of all, Loki would like to be at home now, but he could not do this, since all his supernatural abilities suddenly disappeared. Now he could only move from one dimension to another, but he could not control people. Loki could not get to his home in any way - the only place that his unhappy heart missed.

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    1m | Jun 24, 2021