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Everyone was sure that the insidious villain Loki was finished, because it was his death that the movie "Avengers: Infinity War" began. But that is why he is the recognized god of deceit, to appear exactly when everyone already considered him dead. Loki MoviesJoy in HD.

Adopted son of Odin and cousin of Thor, Loki has long been famous for his insidious antics. A skillful manipulator, clever and cunning, he is used to doing only what benefits him. Since childhood, fluent in magic and speaking in all languages, Loki deftly controls people, deriving benefit for himself. From a young age he envied his brother Thor and always dreamed of only one thing - to gain power over the whole world. It was the constant envy that pushed Loki to vile deeds, because of which he became an outcast for everyone and made a lot of enemies.