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Redemption Bible Church

The sermon podcast for Redemption Bible Church in Bellefotaine, OH


The Beauty of Christ in Worship
Show Details48min 24s
Press On
Show Details39min 59s
Logical Consequences
Show Details39min 48s
First Importance
Show Details44min 25s
The Gospel Basis
Show Details45min 36s
Instructions for Orderly Worship in the Apostolic Age
Show Details47min 5s
The Primacy of Preaching
Show Details40min 21s
He Has Now Reconciled
Show Details46min
King Of Creation & Redemption
Show Details40min 18s
Found In Christ
Show Details37min 36s
The Source of Righteousness
Show Details36min 25s
So That The Church May Be Built Up
Show Details50min 33s
A Still More Excellent Way
Show Details42min 57s
A More Excellent Way
Show Details45min 5s
Faith (Part 3)
Show Details46min 31s
Faith (Part 2)
Show Details43min 49s
Show Details41min 34s
Membership in the Body
Show Details40min 5s
Manifestation of the Spirit
Show Details47min 50s
For The Common Good
Show Details41min 11s
Jesus Is Lord
Show Details43min 42s
The Interests of Christ
Show Details38min 7s
Abuses Corrected
Show Details41min 47s
Tradition Received
Show Details45min 37s
When You Come Together
Show Details47min 38s
A Gospel Psalm
Show Details45min 52s
The Priestly Blessing
Show Details39min 50s
The Image and Glory of God
Show Details50min 2s
Soli Deo Gloria
Show Details38min 19s
Covenant Allegiance
Show Details48min 28s
What's In A Name?
Show Details41min 16s
Warnings and Faithfulness
Show Details47min 39s
Shine As Lights
Show Details37min 45s
The Priority of the Gospel (part 2)
Show Details45min 49s
The Priority of the Gospel (Part 1)
Show Details43min 46s
Knowledge and Food
Show Details43min 36s
The Present Distress
Show Details42min 27s
Forget Not His Benefits
Show Details38min 32s
Calling and Contentment
Show Details39min 50s
The Fullness of Time
Show Details46min 47s
Celibacy, Marriage, Etc.
Show Details42min 12s
You Were Bought With A Price
Show Details39min 1s
Our Shared Joy
Show Details52min 38s
Concerning Lawsuits
Show Details44min 20s
An Unholy Assembly
Show Details49min 13s
Reformation Christians
Show Details48min 27s
We Do Not Lose Heart
Show Details50min 32s
The Mind of Christ
Show Details36min 34s
Scribes and Treasures
Show Details44min 23s
Show Details41min 17s
International Messengers
Show Details43min 6s
The Imitation of Christ
Show Details40min 24s
Encouragement In Christ
Show Details38min 7s
Servants, Stewards, and Saints
Show Details37min 30s
You Are God's Temple
Show Details44min 44s
You Are God's Temple
Show Details44min 44s
True Craftsmanship
Show Details51min 6s
The Mystery of Salvation
Show Details44min 50s
Nothing Among You
Show Details37min 20s
Worthy of the Gospel
Show Details38min 31s
To Live Is Christ
Show Details38min 13s
Show Details38min 53s
Show Details38min 41s
Godly Motivation
Show Details40min 33s
Gospel Advancement
Show Details39min 13s
A Prayer With Purpose
Show Details38min 4s
Foolish Boasting
Show Details40min 16s
An Exposition of Acts 7
Show Details45min 30s
The Word of the Cross (Part 2)
Show Details45min 2s
The Word of the Cross (Part 1)
Show Details35min 53s
A Threat to Fellowship
Show Details40min 36s
Grace and Peace
Show Details40min 45s
To The Church
Show Details38min 24s
Show Details47min 18s
The Will of God
Show Details46min 12s
Grace to the End
Show Details47min 10s
Gospel Influence
Show Details41min 53s
Who Do You Serve?
Show Details42min 14s
The Gospel
Show Details40min 12s
Lex, Rex
Show Details45min 20s
A Reminder
Show Details38min 34s
The Effect of the Gospel
Show Details41min 38s
Renewed Hearts Fear and Love The LORD
Show Details41min 53s
Pointing To The Gospel
Show Details37min 3s
But As For You
Show Details43min 9s
When I Am Afraid
Show Details36min 37s
Sound In The Faith
Show Details43min 7s
Appointing Elders (Part 2)
Show Details43min 43s
Appointing Elders (Part 1)
Show Details48min 55s
The Effect of Grace
Show Details37min 8s
Beginning With Grace
Show Details45min 11s
A Petition for LCC
Show Details45min 34s
Christ's Ongoing Call
Show Details42min 38s
The Epilogue: Part Two
Show Details51min 36s
The Epilogue
Show Details49min 57s
Jesus Is...
Show Details46min 18s
My Lord And My God
Show Details47min 7s
Salvation Belongs To The LORD
Show Details40min 15s
Preaching Authority
Show Details43min 13s
Christ Preaches
Show Details44min 50s
Mourning Turns To Joy
Show Details47min 27s
The Empty Tomb
Show Details53min 12s
The God Who Pursues
Show Details38min 22s
Dead and Buried
Show Details43min 42s
At The Cross
Show Details41min 46s
Judgement Rendered
Show Details49min 20s
Identity In Christ
Show Details34min 17s
Son Of God
Show Details44min 59s
Show Details41min 14s
Between Two Worlds
Show Details52min 1s
The Jewish Trial (Part Two)
Show Details50min
The Jewish Trial (Part One)
Show Details42min 21s
Betrayal and Arrest
Show Details45min 46s
God is Able
Show Details38min 18s
How to Contend
Show Details35min 46s
Show Details39min 59s
Marked by Love
Show Details38min 22s
Marked by Mission and Unity
Show Details40min 40s
Holiness and Truth
Show Details44min 10s
Marked by Joy
Show Details37min 30s
Keep Them
Show Details35min 20s
The People of Christ, Commonly Called 'Christians'
Show Details32min 28s
Joy and Peace
Show Details38min 42s
In a Little While
Show Details36min 13s
To Keep You From Falling Away
Show Details40min 57s
Show Details38min 34s
Abide in Him
Show Details32min 48s
Contend for the Faith
Show Details31min 43s
I Am the True Vine
Show Details46min 42s
Consequences and Blessings
Show Details44min 42s
Because He Lives
Show Details49min 41s
A Pastoral Charge
Show Details53min 44s
Introducing Another Helper (Part 2)
Show Details40min 39s
Introducing Another Helper
Show Details39min 28s
Ongoing Communion with Christ
Show Details46min 34s
Servant of Christ
Show Details40min 51s
Reprove, Rebuke, and Exhort
Show Details41min 26s
The Way, the Truth, and the Life
Show Details38min 42s
A Ransom for Many
Show Details37min 23s
Show Details29min 23s
A Call to Commitment
Show Details46min 12s
The Betrayed King
Show Details56min 7s
A Call To Submission
Show Details51min 20s
Obadiah: God Will Deliver His People
Show Details48min
The Ordinary Means of Grace: Prayer
Show Details46min 39s
The Ordinary Means of Grace: Baptism
Show Details41min 45s
Ordinary Means of Grace: The Lord's Supper
Show Details52min 56s
Ordinary Means of Grace: The Word
Show Details48min 24s
Christ Our Example
Show Details44min 31s
Christ the Servant
Show Details48min 29s
The Love of Christ
Show Details42min 31s
Sir, We Wish To See Jesus
Show Details47min 33s
The Triumphant Royal Entry
Show Details48min 54s
True Devotion
Show Details48min 33s
To Gather Into One
Show Details45min 56s
Christ's Tender Care
Show Details50min 4s
Our Compassionate Savior
Show Details39min 28s
In the Light (part two)
Show Details43min 51s
In The Light (part one)
Show Details36min 8s
The Seventh Sign
Show Details56min 11s
Luke 14:25-35
Show Details55min 24s
Genesis 32:22-32
Show Details59min 8s
True Social Justice
Show Details43min 53s
And Such Were Some of You
Show Details43min 5s
The Sanctity of Marriage
Show Details41min 59s
The Sanctity of Human Life
Show Details46min 44s
He Ascended Into Heaven
Show Details48min 38s
Jesus Messiah and More
Show Details40min 4s
Jesus Messiah
Show Details49min 6s
Deuteronomy 4:1-31
Show Details48min 54s
For the Sheep
Show Details46min 18s
The Shepherd
Show Details43min
Life Abundantly
Show Details46min 14s
I Am the Door
Show Details32min 20s
A Meditation On the 22nd Psalm for Good Friday
Show Details26min 17s
A Barnyard Allegory
Show Details47min 56s
But Now I See
Show Details55min 56s
Suffering, Trials, and the Light of the World
Show Details53min 8s
I AM (part 2)
Show Details44min 36s
I AM (Part One)
Show Details44min 54s
Free Indeed
Show Details42min 44s
Lamentations 3:19-24
Show Details44min 1s
Two Fathers
Show Details46min 13s
Truth and Freedom
Show Details45min 37s
The Urgency of Preaching, part two
Show Details50min 1s
The Urgency of Preaching
Show Details36min 44s
The Trial
Show Details49min 8s
The Light of the World
Show Details37min
The Work of an Elder
Show Details49min 29s
Gospel Deeps
Show Details52min 50s
O Little Town of Bethlehem
Show Details42min 23s
Christ Brings Division (Part Two)
Show Details45min 21s
Christ Brings Division (part one)
Show Details48min 18s
Water From the Well of Salvation
Show Details42min 51s
So...Is this the Christ?
Show Details48min 41s
Five Important Truths
Show Details47min 30s
Skepticism and Uncertainty
Show Details41min 5s
Biblical Eldership
Show Details43min 31s
Salvation by the Father, Son, and Spirit
Show Details35min 44s
Saved By Grace
Show Details45min 50s
Added That day
Show Details52min 35s
Representing Jesus
Show Details48min 33s
The Words of Eternal Life (Part Two)
Show Details58min 23s
The Words of Eternal Life
Show Details47min 11s
Spirit and Life
Show Details46min 57s
Flesh and Blood
Show Details45min 13s
Grumbling About the Bread
Show Details46min 5s
And This is the Will of God
Show Details44min 11s
Sir, Give Us This Bread Always
Show Details46min 15s
When Sea Billows Roll
Show Details46min 12s
Bread for Life
Show Details47min 5s
2 Timothy 1:7-2:8
Show Details49min 31s
...For He is Good
Show Details50min 4s
Justice Will Return
Show Details49min 14s
Teach Us To Number Our Days
Show Details47min 53s
Remembering God in Your Distress
Show Details47min 24s
The Sound of Repentance
Show Details49min 50s
The Troubles
Show Details46min 2s
Who Killed Jesus?
Show Details43min 4s
The Man of Faith
Show Details48min 39s
Who God Is (Part 2 of 2)
Show Details45min 47s
Who God Is (Part 1 of 2)
Show Details32min 51s
Witnesses to Jesus
Show Details43min 39s
Resurrection and Judgement
Show Details43min 18s
The Unity of the Father and the Son
Show Details41min 48s
Jesus is Working
Show Details47min 2s
Dead to Sin; Alive to Christ
Show Details32min 17s
Good Friday 3/30/18
Show Details36min 24s
Do You Want to be Healed?
Show Details46min 14s
The Second Sign
Show Details48min 59s
Show Details52min 17s
Show Details46min 34s
The Conversation
Show Details43min 22s
Worship in Spirit and Truth
Show Details45min 54s
Can This Be The Christ
Show Details49min 43s