• Summit Property Advisors Origins with Tony Geraty

    In this episode I speak to Tony Geraty of Your Castle Real Estate. Tony is my team captain at Summit Property Advisors and ultimately is the person who helped me figure out the real world skills and techniques needed to literally survive at a real estate agent.

    In this podcast we speak about how Tony found real estate and how he gets up everyday with a constant positive energy to bring to his work. We talk about Tony's personal journey with Colorado real estate and why he chose to start a team.

    21m | Aug 3, 2020
  • A Simple Garden isn't So Simple with Brittaney Nelson

    In this podcast Brittaney talks about the vegetable garden in her front-yard that boasts a vast variety of sustainable features and cost-effective tips. We also discuss the planning, experimenting, and ultimately community unification that can happen through produce.

    30m | Jul 29, 2020
  • Residential Solar Energy with Mark Younkins

    With my guest Mark Younkins, we dive into residential solar energy in local Colorado. We touch on the logistic of solar panels, efficiency, installation, benefits, things to watch out for, and plenty else along the way.

    18m | Jul 27, 2020
  • Locally Curious

    "Locally Curious" is a podcast aimed at highlighting the people, experiences, voices, and sustainability efforts of Colorado locals. We will dive into our own stories, learning experiences, and aspirations in order to push the conversation forward. The goal? Engage Colorado in conversation and push each other higher.

    3m | Jul 24, 2020
Locally Curious