L.O. Gaming Podcast

This is the L.O. Gaming Podcast, a show created as an excuse for a group of friends to talk about our favorite hobby, VIDEOGAMES.

We may not be up to speed on the latest videogame news and releases, but if it's relevant to gaming culture today we'll be talking about it. Join us as we discuss our love of gaming in all its forms, and who knows we might just explore some of the other nerdy rabbit trails we may happen upon. (We totally chase rabbits here.)

So pop in your earbuds and be a fly on the wall, right here on the L.O. Gaming Podcast.


100 Opinions
Show Details3hr 27min
Nintendo Direct Reactions
Show Details2hr 6min
My Brother and I
Show Details2hr 1min
That Episode About Metal Gear
Show Details1hr 28min
My PS5 Impressions
Show Details30min 23s
Gaming On The Go
Show Details1hr 19min
Kids These Days
Show Details1hr 23min
A Very PC Episode
Show Details1hr 47min
Next Gen Launch Woes
Show Details1hr 24min
A Swing and A Miss
Show Details3min 48s
The Year So Far
Show Details27min 48s
Future Musings
Show Details1hr 44min
Our Xbox Games Showcase Reactions
Show Details1hr 32min
The SuperTron: Horizon
Show Details1hr 26min
A Gaming Life Pt4
Show Details1hr 9min
X Marks the Spot
Show Details31min 17s
A Gaming Life Pt3
Show Details1hr 18min
A Gaming LIfe Pt2
Show Details53min 17s
Our PS5 Reactions
Show Details1hr 32min
Great Expectations
Show Details58min 35s
A Gaming Life Pt1
Show Details1hr 4min