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Welcome to LMK How, a weekly podcast hosted by Lauren Gutin. Each week she welcomes listeners into the minds of her guests who are (honestly) “faking it until we make it” while also including solo episodes about the things that interest her. The featured guests have hopes of working in the industries that they have only dreamt of their whole lives and are not quitting until they achieve that goal. LMK How features fun casual conversations from career journeys to sharing interests as a #zillenial! Do yourself a favor and subscribe to the LMK How Podcast and follow @lmkhowpodcast.


Cole Keister: Working With @blcksmth, Houseplants & Self-Care Through Skincare
Show Details36min 1s
Hannah Tronsen: Wine Wix Candles, Influencer Marketing & Being 21 in 2021
Show Details48min 6s
Morgan Raum: @ToooMuchFoood, PEOPLE Magazine & Working At A Dating App Startup
Show Details47min 56s
Grace Groccia: JuneShine, & Getting Off Birth Control In Her 20s
Show Details58min 52s
Kayla Van Hoose: Turning a Hobby Into a Full Time Gig, Managing Your Schedule with Intention & Not Defining Your Journey By One Bad Day
Show Details1hr 4min
Ariel Thompson: Working in the Music Industry & Navigating Genuine Friendships in the Workplace
Show Details54min 32s
Welcome To LMK How Podcast!
Show Details42s