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Living Life Differently


If you ever wanted to live life a bit differently but feel stuck and unable to take the leap of faith, then be inspired by the Living Life Differently podcast.

Ali and Amy (aka The MahoJos) speak with different women who live alternative lifestyles; from someone who packed up a £400 ex-builders van and moved to France, to another woman who lives life as a bicycle nomad.

Their guests share personal insights into the way they live life differently and their journey of how they got there.

Ali and Amy are currently Living Life Differently with their newborn son and dog in a static caravan on a farm in South Wales. They are patiently waiting to start a European campervan adventure once the pandemic restrictions ease up.

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Podcast intro / outro music by Kevin MacLeod | Open Those Bright Eyes |


EP13 - The MahoJos - Ali & Amy do a Season 1 round up
Show Details30min 22s
EP12 | Phillipa Alexandre | Vanlife & Moving to Portugal
Show Details1hr 2min
EP11 | Linda Wilmott | Independent Hostel Owner
Show Details57min 57s
EP10 | Kelly Hayes-Raitt | International Pet Sitter
Show Details1hr 1min
EP9 | Louise Dumayne | Living in the Yukon Wilderness
Show Details1hr 21min
EP8 | Siobhan Daniels | Fulltime Vanille (UK)
Show Details1hr 3min
EP7 | Natalie & Amanda | Full time Vanlife (Australia)
Show Details53min 18s
Bonus 2 | The MahoJos | 1000 Downloads!
Show Details28min 59s
EP6 | Daniela Carneiro | Truck Surf Hotel Owner
Show Details46min 6s
EP5 | Zoe Langley-Wathen | Living on a Canal Boat
Show Details1hr 3min
EP4 | Sarah Williams | Founder of the Tough Girl Podcast
Show Details1hr 2min
BONUS 1 | The MahoJos | International Women's Day 2021
Show Details25min 38s
EP3 | Ellie Mahoney | Moving to Portugal
Show Details52min 51s
EP2 | Helen Dainty | Cycling the World
Show Details49min 11s
EP 1 | Ellie Mahoney | Moving to France
Show Details48min 24s