Little Oak Weekly

Weekly conversations and updates with and for our Amazing RE/MAX Little Oak Agents.


Tom O'Hara chats with Ray
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Andrew Bracewell chats with Justin
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Harry Gill chats with Ray
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John Corrie chats with Andrew
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John McNabb Chats with Ray
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Indy Bains chats with Andrew
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Dave Bawa chats with Ray
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Amrit Sura Chats with Ray
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Steve Middleton Chats with Ray
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Stan Wiebe chats with Andrew
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Ben Hardy chats with Ray
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Matt Tinsley and Carrie Ball chat with Andrew
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Marty Peters chats with Ray
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Laura June chats with Ray
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Steve Kooner chats with Ray
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Michele Cummins chats with Ray
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Ray Yenkana chats with Andrew
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Jesse Bregg chats with Andrew
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Dave Bawa chats with Andrew
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Jennifer Field chats with Andrew
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Gloria McGalliard chats with Andrew
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Little Oak Weekly Intro and Holiday updates
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