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Listening to God Conferences

The story of how high profile speakers have come to Leamington Spa to lead Listening to God conferences dates back to before Rev Anne Hibbert was given the vision for The Well. In 2000, Rev Anne Hibbert was visiting the Toronto Airport Church and listening to Steve Witt talk about prophecy. At first she found the practical nature of the session quite different to what she was used to but as it continued she turned to her friend Ruth and said they had got to invite Steve to Leamington. It was a bold step into the unknown but Steve Witt duly arrived to lead what by then had been named a Listening to God event. In the years since he has returned a number of times, with other high-profile Christian speakers, including Kenny Borthwick, Ruth Fazal, Russ Parker and Gordon Hickson, also leading Listening to God conferences. Each event is a little bit different but they share a common aim: They are about resourcing Christians, taking us into a deeper relationship with God and helping us become the men and women He wants us to be.